Premier League – Chelsea 2-1 reversal spurs Pedro, each built a merit (video)-ekdv-273

Premier Chelsea Pedro Mose 2-1 reversed Tottenham to build a power [collection] Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham and Pedro Mose broke Mose help reverse Tencent November 27th sports news Beijing Jiangong time this morning, Premier Chelsea in the thirteenth round (data) home court 2-1 victory over Tottenham, Erickson broke the deadlock, Pedro equalised, Costa assists Mose ahead, by virtue of this field the victory, Chelsea returned to the top of the table, which is also the blues in the League seven game winning streak, the first defeat spurs encounter new season. Tencent sports members added benefits, enjoy all the Premier League games! Click to view the > > > fifth minutes, Erickson will be free kick into the box, Kaine headed the ball to stop after the right foot close fire broke, but the goal was disallowed for offside. Eleventh minutes, Ali left front cut the ball inside the zhisai, Erickson edge of the area got the ball a slight adjustment of left foot volley, the ball straight hanging net, Tottenham away ahead of Chelsea 1-0. Twenty-third minutes of continuous Tottenham transmission in the Chelsea frontier closed area, finally all the horse long-range crossbar; twenty-ninth minutes, Zal won a free kick on the right front, Lewis hit a direct shot, the ball around the wall after falling rapidly but grasped by Loris, this is the game shooting first Xiben cher. Thirty-first minutes, right before Walker picked the ball off Alonso, then he right into the restricted area grab small angle Chan she fell to the ground in front of Cahill, the ball went straight to the bottom right corner, the ball to Courtois saved the bottom line. Forty-fifth minutes, Pedro received the ball back from the edge of the box body, then he turned the ball directly right pocket shot, the ball struck the right column fly net, 1-1! Forty-eighth minutes, Kanter left foot to the edge of the area at Loris was confiscated; fifty-first minutes, Costa ball to the left side of the box bottom line after the back door, Mose right foot volley outflank place after a point, the ball hit the ball nest in the Phil Tong Heng’s body, Chelsea 2-1 counter ultra score. Around fifty-fourth minutes Costa on the right side of the box bottom line pass, near the Alonso spot the ball on the right foot shot was pumping bleachers; sixty-fourth minutes, Kaine left the area to knock, Erickson keep up with the middle of the right foot ejection confiscated by Courtois. Final Chelsea at home 2-1 reversal spurs. Data analysis: the game although Chelsea win, but at a disadvantage in the scene, the game has a total of 9 shots, 3 times less than the Spurs, 5 shots 1 times less, 46% ball rate less than 8 percentage points, 3 corners are 5 times less. In addition, Chelsea has only 297 passes, and Spurs pass the number reached 370 times. Lineup: Chelsea: goalkeeper: No. 13 Courtois defender: No. 28 Azpilicueta, 30 Lewis, 24 Cahill Kanter, midfielder: No. 7, No. 21, No. 3 Matic Alonso, 15 Mose (80’Ivanovic), Zal striker: No. 10, No. 11 (76′ William), Pedro (83’Oscar), 19 Costa: No. 1: Tottenham goalkeeper Loris defender Walker: No. 2, No. 15, No. 27) since Dyer相关的主题文章: