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Portugal Andorra C Ronaldo Yizhan rout on the new network – the top scorer in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Yi reported this morning: about C Robben season decreased level of argument although he is temporarily unable to as one falls, another rises, in La Liga to prove himself, but finally in the international arena to "pinch the soft persimmon". This morning in the World Cup qualifiers second round, C Luo dasixi staged for the first time in the national team, led by 6 in Portugal home court 0 rout of andorra. Since the European Cup final injury, this is the first time in 3 months after C Ronaldo on behalf of portugal. Portugal in the opening 74 seconds to break the deadlock, a corner kick is Andorra goalkeeper Gomes Quaresma saved, C Ronaldo left foot volley into the net, achieved the fastest goal in the history of Portugal. Portugal in 190th seconds to expand the score, a good partner Quaresma cross from the left, C Ronaldo in the small edge of the area under the header, hit the fastest heats the plum to open two degrees records. C Robben season 4 appearances in La Liga only scored 1 goals, in front of the "loser" in less than 4 minutes to get two goals. Andorra is Portugal beat defenseless, the lead in the forty-fourth minute, Valencia star Cancelo broke into the restricted area small angle shot. Forty-seventh minutes, Barcelona star Gomes on the right corner melee biography, C Ronaldo in a small restricted area before the shot completed a hat trick. Sixty-second minutes, Andorra defender Rubio kicked C Ronaldo, accumulated two yellow cards sent off. Sixty-eighth minutes, Quaresma right pass, fengtech header ferry, C Ronaldo volley staged dasixi. Seventieth minutes, Andorra midfielder ropas kick back C Ronaldo, was a direct red card penalty. Eighty-sixth minutes, Quaresma free kick was saved, Andrea? Silva, a small area on the left was the icing on the cake. C Ronaldo will undoubtedly become the violations of most of the players, almost every five or six minutes to see the Portuguese star player kicked the scene by Andorra, two Andorra players sent off is a true reflection of the game. Although C Ronaldo play dasixi, but towards the end of the game has a bit, coach Santos insisted that he played the entire game, with a game like this seems to help Portugal captain regain confidence. C Luo said after the game: when faced with a team of 11 players to shrink all defensive team, the first goal is very important. I’ve been doing my best in the national team and I feel very useful to the team and I’m happy to get out of the European Cup final." In the World Cup qualifying European top scorer, played only one game with C Lo 4 balls rose to the top, with 3 goals in the Belgian striker Lukaku, Croatia striker Manju Kikki and Scotland winger Snodgrass tied for second. The first round of C Lo injured, more than 2 to 0 in the Swiss home court against Portugal, the European Cup Portugal alive preliminaries European Group B at a disadvantage. With Saifi Boris, Rodrigues and stockel goal, Switzerland this morning in the road 3 to 2 victory over Hungary, two wins out of two plot 6 points ranked first in B group. The Faroe Islands this morning away in the 2 to 0 upset victory over Latvia, plot 4 points ranked second in the B group, the same.相关的主题文章: