Pinghu Shijinbumei noodle shop owner to return the wallet mobile phone dozens of times a year-spyair

Pinghu Shijinbumei boss a year to return the wallet mobile phone network picture dozens of times recently, Jiaxing Pinghu citizens Mr. Yu praised as a noodle shop owner in the Dai tunnel near his WeChat, he has 2 times the wallet in the shop, and the boss two times as he kept properly and eventually wanbiguizhao. The two picked up the wallet two returned to the owner of the evening of November 14th, Mr. Yu found his wallet is missing, then find a place in the home, all over the company, the car is still not a trace of the wallet. There are a lot of cash in the wallet, ID card, oil card, there are a number of bank cards, the most important thing is that there are some companies invoice, so very anxious. The morning of November 15th and for a whole day or not see a wallet, he has "give up", at noon the day is going to make an ID card and bank card business booked up. On the way to supplement, Mr. Yu finally thought that noodle shop luck before lunch one day. "How did you lose your wallet again in our store, too careless, and take it back to see if there was anything." I did not expect him to come in, the owner of the shop opened his mouth to say, when Mr. Yu knew he would forget the wallet in the store again. Last summer, Mr. Yu also lost a wallet in the face shop. "I am not a very careless person, very few things have been lost, only lost these 2 wallets, the result is the same person returned to me, so I am very grateful to the shop owner." Yu said. Flowers face shop owner Chueng Kwok Kuen said: "Mr. Yu in the vicinity of work, is our old customers, and his wallet last year we have picked up once, so deep impression." November 14th at noon to pick up the wallet, he did not open the wallet privately, in the afternoon, but also in the vicinity of a circle, but did not find Mr. Yu, so he can only call home. Chueng Kwok Kuen opened a noodle shop for 20 years, to meet the customer lost things and many, whether it is a wallet, mobile phone keys, or small cups, each will be returned to the owner. "Young people throw more mobile phones, one year I can go back to the more than and 20, each time I return to remind these young people can not be too careless." Chueng Kwok Kuen said. In the earlier this month, a young man in the shop to eat noodles, pay your money away, but will forget the package on the stool, his wife Chueng Kwok Kuen also overtake the road to him, to thank each other, Chueng Kwok Kuen was eventually a declined. As long as he returned to the owner of lost wholly intact at Chueng Kwok Kuen’s things, he felt it and open the door to do business integrity management is a truth. In the words of Mr. Yu, such a noodle shop, not only is the taste of the face of praise, the boss’s character and reputation is praise.相关的主题文章: