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Personal network live on the red to sell things to make money more and more difficult because of the electronic business platform are killed in the text of science and technology Tencent Sun Hongchao pro and baby may soon hit up. Pro behind Taobao shopkeeper as the representative of the electronic business platform, and the baby is behind the emerging broadcast platform. In 2016, the two was not much competition between the industry suddenly found that "red" is becoming the need of competition for scarce resources, and the running will probably determine the future trend of electronic business platform. According to AI media data show that in 2015 Chinese online broadcast platform number close to 200, of which the number of live network users reached 200 million, the large peak daily broadcast platform while online number close to 4 million; and according to the thirty-eighth "China Internet Network Information Center released statistical report on Internet development China" shows that as of June 2016, network live users reached 325 million, close to half of domestic Internet users. At present most of the webcast participants have the habit of gifts and a reward model, but in addition to this mature model, the shop is almost all anchor standard, even a marketing company specializes in live marketing for each shop. Electronic business platform are quickly followed this trend, Alibaba,,,, such as the size of honey bud business platform have been engaged in this field, the latest game player is a Jingdong in August 18th, senior vice president of Jingdong Xu Lei said publicly that the mall will do live, is to take the user time. However, there are comments that electricity providers can sell a few categories, at this stage is mainly concentrated in the field of clothing and cosmetics, the future development may be challenged. However, according to Tencent technology to a number of electronic business platform to understand, live mode can be adapted to a lot of areas, there will be more direct play in the future. In such a full swing under the current situation, the electronic business platform and the direct broadcast platform is secretly competing network resources. Live has become a trademark with live broadcast in the end how much fire? In August 20th Zhang Jike finished the journey of the Olympic Games in the home, the exclusive live pepper cause the server to be maxed out; Nanjing Zetao guest NetEase broadcast, attracted 4 million 776 thousand users to watch. The latest earnings season, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, NetEase, togetherness era, other companies will live income as the next phase of the development of key companies. The current domestic broadcast platform type is mainly divided into three categories: one is accounting for more than half of the class live show at least, this kind of live show by PC most derived, very consistent type; two is the broadcast live gaming, professional strong, have high requirements on the anchor, fans finally is a high viscosity; the vertical field of this kind of live broadcast, including beauty, tourism etc.. The third broadcast, behind the huge electricity supplier space. The rise of the mobile Internet, promote the development of the live platform, and the development of the direct broadcast platform spawned a large number of network red birth, some of which have a business mind began to think of ways to implement traffic network. The most common net red + electricity supplier model is their own business Taobao shop, and in the course of the introduction of the timely introduction of the operation of the Taobao store. For example, the game anchor in the course of the game, the computer on their own shops around!相关的主题文章: