Passengers riding the electric bicycle into the subway passengers face dissatisfaction (Figure) imjpmig

Passengers ride a bike into the subway around the passengers feeling dissatisfied (Figure) original title: bike ride into the subway was the Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Li Yang) the day before the public Wang reflected in the subway car did not see a folding bike (see photo), the car is 1 meters high. Metro staff said the folding bicycle can carry the station, but the volume can not exceed the size of the folding. Mr. Wang told the Beijing morning news reporters, the day before yesterday at 12 pm, he in the Metro Line 4 cars to see a man pushing a folding electric bicycle, car in the subway public Qiaoxi Railway Station, "when the car is not folded, the travel process, sitting on the bike owners. I reckon a fast to my waist high, the car is about 1 meters high, 1.2 meters long body." Mr. Wang said, "this is not a crowded subway car, electric bicycle folding car not only covers an area of, nor corners package, accidentally do bump into other passengers?" The reporter saw Mr. Wang from the photos provided in the subway car, a man sitting in a car is not red folding electric bicycle, the man left hand clenched handlebar, make riding action. Wang said: at that time around the face of several passengers with dissatisfaction, however, the bike owners did not fold up the car, and then pushed the bike in the Beijing South Railway Station under the car." Reporters call the MTR service hotline, the staff said, folding bicycle can carry the car stop, but to see the volume after folding is no more than a specified size. In accordance with the provisions of the Beijing rail transit passenger regulations, passengers carry items, the length of not more than 1.8 meters, width and height shall not exceed 0.5 meters. After the station staff found that more than the size of the bike does not fold, will be stepped forward to stop, in a timely manner to discourage passengers folding the bike." In addition, the subway staff suggested that passengers during the peak as far as possible not to carry folding bicycles, carrying passengers, in the station to prohibit the ride and slide. Mr. Wang for clues: Mr. Chen responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: