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Business Talk of telemarketing to many business owners and managers and you are likely to see concern, doubt and confusion. Many owners can’t separate telemarketing with telesales. The latter is tainted by the cold-calling, pressure tactics used by some .panies to sell everything from insurance to bathrooms and valentine gifts. The correspondence between telemarketing and telesales is that they both use the telephone as the .munication medium. Here are 6 reasons why you should be using telemarketing in your business growth mix. 1. Appointment making – the fundamental role of marketing is to create opportunities for your sales team. The best opportunities .e from face to face meetings. Telemarketing is proven to deliver high quality appointments with specifically targeted decision makers. In finding your appointments a prime telemarketer will have had a number of contacts with your prospects’ decision makers. They will have built up a rapport and set expectations so that your appointments are geared for optimum results before you get to meet the client. 2. Lead generation – telemarketing for lead generation require less effort from the telemarketer than appointment setting. The goal is normally to contact a prospect, create interest in your services and capture contact details for you to pursue. You may follow up the contacts yourself or you may choose to .mission a telemarketer to set appointments with the best prospects. 3. Database building and cleansing – many .panies have built large prospect databases. Current data protection legislation means that you must keep this data up to date or delete it. Telemarketing is an excellent way of reviewing, updating and building your contact database. The odds are you will gain a few leads and appointments along the way. 4. Follow up – if I had to pick one key to successful small business marketing it would have to be a .prehensive, robust follow-up process. In business just about every one of your staff will make contacts and maybe receive enquiries about your .pany. In a marketing sense, every such contact provides an opportunity for a sale. Following up every contact has been shown to improve sales in .pany after .pany. Telemarketers can provide a truly professional service in contact follow-up further multiplying the benefits of following up. 5. Customer Information – it’s 6 to 12 times cheaper to sell to existing clients than it is to gain a new one. Telemarketing to people who already buy and like your products is an cost-effective route to educate them of all your offerings. 6. Customer reactivation – do you know why old customers have stopped buying from you? You should. Often it is simply because they have not had any contact with you for some extended period. Sometimes it is because they didn’t know that you supplied the particular service they needed. So they look elsewhere. And eventually stop buying from you altogether. Telemarketing is a great method to make contact with clients as soon as they stop being clients. Sometimes that is all that is needed to bring them back into the fold. Give it a try. Six ways you can use telemarketing to boost your business. And telemarketing can be amazingly low cost. Telemarketing is the ultimate modern cottage industry. All you need is a telephone and some confidence. You can instantly set up as a telemarketer. And if you are any good you can quickly use telemarketing to sell your own services. Not surprisingly then, there are thousands of small telemarketing businesses – many of them absolutely excellent. There are, of course, others that are not so good. With that much .petition you can get some outstanding telemarketing services for a very reasonable price. Your simple job is to find one that matches your own needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: