Pan Pacific Sailade swept into the semi-finals of the Olympic champion will battle ca4111

Pan Pacific Sailade swept the Olympic Champion into the semi-finals will fight Wozilade sina sports news Beijing on September 23rd news, the total prize money of $731000 for the WTA Pan Pacific open top tour launched 14 finals. At the end of the first two matches, No. two seed and defending champion Ladd Vansk to 6-2 6-3 swept the Olympic champion, Puerto Rican girl Puig, the former world number one Caroline Wozniacki 6-4 to 6-3 out of the Polish people Lynette, smooth joining forces semi-final. Ladd Vansk in North America in autumn season in New Haven, although just passable, won the championship, but the two stations over five events and could not go far, the Olympic Games is the first round defeat to Zheng Saisai. Puig is still in the doldrums after the Olympics, she was eliminated in the first round of the US Open to Zheng Saisai, she came to Tokyo in the quarter finals game winning streak. Two people only played in this year’s Australian Open, Ladd won two straight sets. The first game by Puig in the third inning to serve first, she is not able to protect hair, Ladd then plummeting to four points scored serve lead 3-1. Seventh No. two seeds again find opportunity to break her in the break after 5-2 was then serving dish Bureau, Paul made it easy to 6-2 in the first victory. Second poles to break 2-0 lead, fourth puyg finally completed the first break after a wasted two break points, breaking back to 2-2 flat. But Ladd Vansk is in good times don’t last long, the fifth break in the sixth inning and break the security crisis, has the advantages of 4-2. Sixth enter the Olympic champion non insurance can not serve her, but 0-40 had three match points, after Ladd broke third times to win 6-3. The game only 77 minutes, Ladd eight accounted for ACE. Caroline Wozniacki had just experienced a hard injury recovery, the world ranking fell to 70 away. The Danes to the semi-finals in his blessed us straight Kuznetsova, Keith, but also discovered she had retired put on the agenda of the news. This week in Tokyo, she even J Ben Txiki and Navarro two players, the continuation of the previous rise. Lynette has won the 109th place in the world for the first time since qualifying for a total of five games, the first meeting of the top two. The beginning of the game "into the state soon, she just lost a bureau in the first three minutes, and soon achieved a 3-0 start. The eighth game of Lynette saved a break point and inventory Baofa, then she broke the opponent’s ball wins disk Bureau, to chase the score 4-5. Tenth watts 40-30 again to get the inventory, after this time she did not waste the opportunity to two degrees to break 6-4 lead. Second both sides to launch breaks the war, after their two break the war to 3-3 level. The eighth game of Caroline Wozniacki with the ball break of the match, she 0-40 in the backward situation continually five points, to 6-3 out of opponents to reach the semifinals. (small tea)相关的主题文章: