Guangxi drops of rat eggs are being bought by the owner of the police to find the whole city eggs 若槻ゆうか

Guangxi: broken egg drop rats were purchased the alarm throughout the city to find the eggs in Nanning as the five integrated farmers market grocery store’s 26 year old Li Wenlin, Bobai, said he would haunt the egg these days. Some time ago, a customer from his store bought several kilograms of egg, the egg is a few jins, Lee surprised out in a cold sweat, because the egg, he drops with rat poison to poison rats! Even worse is that his wife unknowingly, will be sold with a pair of rat eggs sold to a pair of mother and child, he immediately reported to the police, the results? To see the city for the eggs or the boss will drop with rat poison egg sold to customers in October 17th, he purchased a number of egg back to sell, open the package found some egg is broken, so he went to the cracked egg drop into the rat poison to poison a rat, then put them in in the corner. Just then, he got a phone call to go out, Li Wenlin’s wife came to help look at the store, however, he did not tell his wife, these broken eggs in the rat medicine. When he was busy working back to the store, found the poison egg disappeared. At this time, Li Wenlin was aghast, he thought, if people eat the poison egg is really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. According to the description of his wife, is an old customer to buy away. Emergency: the police rushed to the city to look for human life egg buyer Mr. Lee and his wife go out and find, for half an hour did not find people, fearing customers eat poison egg accident, Lee immediately reported to the police. O Sada police station, said Lu Fan: after we received the alarm, it is very urgent to know this thing, because the mouse drugs involved in life. Mr. Li told the police, bought poison egg is a regular customer, to the store he frequented, but he did not know where to live each other. Police analysis, the customer should live in the vicinity of the rental housing. The police put out the community emergency surveillance camera, then a, every alley to find, and finally in a dark alley, to find a buyer’s residence. Shocked: when the police found the buyer has been eating toxic eggs in the vicinity of the police finally rented a room in the Room 203, found a toxic egg buyers ms.. Buy this poisonous eggs are in the vicinity of Ms. Jia, Shandong people, 34 years old, working in Nanning. At 6 in the evening, Ms. Jia to Li Wenlin’s miscellaneous shop to buy eggs, see a few shell rupture, due to relatively cheap, they bought. At 7 o ‘clock in the evening, Jia and his son, a boy of about 7 years old, boiled up to about three eggs, including the poisonous one. Come to dinner on time at 11 pm, a urgent knock on the door, Ms. Jia opened the door to a stunned look, the police, community workers, Li Wenlin stood at the door, asked whether they eat egg. Ms. Jia told police that she had to eat egg, all scared out of cold sweat. Lucky: the police will be the mother and son hospital eventually All is well. fortunately, mother and son no obvious signs of poisoning. In order to prevent accidents, the police rushed to the mother Ms. Jia five as hospital, and later sent to the District People’s Hospital of gastric lavage. "We’ll hang the bottle washing stomach, I have the infusion treatment for two days, my son also played two bottle of medicine, have been observed.!相关的主题文章:

Ministry of Education a unified national English proficiency test mentalist

The Ministry of education is to develop a unified national English grade examination and foreign famous scale and test table docking by November 12th, International Symposium on test and evaluation of the second language, held in Zhejiang University Zijin campus. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from the meeting, the Ministry of education is developed China English ability rating scale, and with the support of the National English proficiency test. This means that China will establish a unified foreign language evaluation system. In September 2014, China’s State Council promulgated the opinions on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system, clearly put forward to strengthen the construction of foreign language ability evaluation system". To this end, the Ministry of education set a goal: by 2020, basically built a unified standard, multi functional modern foreign language evaluation system, while promoting the reform of the content and form of examination. Lin Huiqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education introduced at the meeting, in the past two years, at home and abroad more than one hundred experts and scholars of the joint efforts of China’s foreign language proficiency evaluation system construction progress. China English proficiency rating scale has been completed, the main body is expected to be officially announced in 2017, the National English proficiency test plan to be launched in 2020. Vice president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies professor Liu Jianda said, Chinese about 300 million English learners, but the syllabus lacks coherence, all kinds of examinations are lack of uniform standards, many kinds of examinations in English, so English is the need to develop a unified form, and the corresponding grade examination. He introduced the newly developed Chinese English proficiency rating scale will be divided into nine grades. Among them, one or two corresponds roughly to the level of primary school, junior high school corresponds to the level of three, corresponding to the high school level, the corresponding to the University of the five or six, corresponding to the English Majors in the class of eight or nine, corresponding to the top seven foreign language talents. Each level has different requirements in terms of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating and knowledge strategy. At present, there are a lot of mature English evaluation system in foreign countries, and the Chinese English proficiency scale will be connected with it. At the same time, experts are still working on the design of a national English proficiency test. At present, the development team has completed two key breakthrough level (level five and level six) of the outline of the development of the project, will be launched in 2017 and the timely use of. Dean of Zhejiang University professor He Lianzhen foreign language and culture and international exchange, unified the standard test, coherent and orderly, and a test by reducing the duplication of examination, to meet the teaching evaluation, education, employment and other requirements. With reference to the scale and the corresponding level of examination, learners can determine what level of their English level. At the same time, the examiner or the employer, but also a clear understanding of the applicant’s English ability, so as to conduct scientific selection. The reporter newspaper correspondent Zhang Bingqing Zhou Wei editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

Malaysia to buy 18 warships to deal with exposure to China – Sohu Military Channel w-inds.

Malaysia to buy a China exposure of 18 ships trading Sohu military channel page first: Malaysia a purchase of 18 warships China [Abstract] official confirmed Malaysia will purchase 18 ship "offshore multi task ship to China" (LMS), to replace the current service for more than 40 years of gun boats and fast attack boats the contract will be signed in November 5th. Some media reports said that the two sides may be the first of the 2 modes of trade, offshore multi mission ship will be built in China, and the rest will be built in Malaysia naval shipyard. The 3000 ton C28A military trade frigates are the group of independent research and development and construction of military products, is the top level research, overall design, assembly and construction "three-in-one" development model is a successful example of equipment. This series represents the highest level of current technology of ship ship of our military trade products, to create China’s export ship comprehensive operational performance of the strongest, the most fierce fire, the most advanced equipment of the new record. Text with map: trial C82A light frigate. Observer network synthesis: Malaysia defense network reported on October 25th, Malaysia will purchase "China offshore multi task ship" (LMS) has been confirmed, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin confirmed on October 25th, the contract will be signed in November 5th. Malaysia plans to purchase 18 aircraft to replace the LMS, currently serving more than 40 years of gunboats and a fast counter attack craft, September 10th China contractor to submit proposals to the government of Malaysia, the proposal presented in the LMS length of about 70 meters. Malaysia insiders also suggested that China had been purchased to export to the Algeria C82A light frigate. "In November 5, 2016, the Ministry of defence and the national defense science and technology industry China administration signed the" offshore multi task ship "(LMS) of the purchase contract, it is important to the end of the month the official visit of prime minister Chinese." Hishammuddin at a party when it comes to the Department of defense. He has no further explanation of the contract, but later in the social media claims that LMS’s procurement means that the Royal Navy of Malaysia "15-to-5" program is advancing. Further reading: Algeria has received Chinese strongest export ships with aircraft carrier Liaoning ship Island hanging Malaysia flag to welcome a person: backing is not small (Figure)相关的主题文章:

9 year old students Orsay title wrong answers correction followed 5 years no one noticed – in the ne nibbuns

9 year old students Orsay title wrong answers correction followed 5 years no one noticed – Beijing Luo Yi Chengdu 9 year old students correcting title was two times as the Olympiad Olympiad exam, the wrong answer, follow the 5 years no one noticed a math problem, the standard answer their answers with the books given are not the same as how to do? Most of the students choose to correct, and a 9 year old boy in Chengdu high tech Zone West Primary School Luo Yi is the core linked to real life, the overthrow of the correct answer to the so-called. In the verification process, the parents found the problem not only got the mathematics Student Electronic Science, Tongji University and other colleges and universities, it is as the two Olympiad exam, the wrong answer was carried out for 5 years, no one noticed. Associatedwithactuallife knowledge 5 communication press "150 correct answer lit the lamp, a pull switch control, are numbered as 1, 2,3,4,… , 150. Cable No. 3 is a multiple of the lamp pull, then pull the number 5 times the number of pull and pull after lamp lit for a few lights?" This is a public examination factor and common multiple thinking of mathematics, this summer, only after the third grade Luo Yi encountered this problem in Mathematics in the fourth grade in the "outstanding new" helper, calculate the answer "90" and "80" does not conform to the standard answer, only son of mother Chen Qun wrong. "Mom, I’m not wrong!" Luo Yi has not seen the cable lamp, but he guess fan is like restaurant, pull turn up, then pull the stop. "So the 3 and the multiples of the overlap of the ten lights because the pull of the next two light up, the final answer should be on the basis of the addition of 10 on the basis of 80." Luo Yi’s father is the top students of Tongji University, the first common factor and common multiple method also calculated is 80, Luo Yi to explain, only see light suddenly added on the 10. Surprisingly, Chen Qun Internet search found that the problem was "a problem", Aosai respectively in 2011 and 2013 of the test, while the online answer uniform is 80, this makes Chen Qun aware of the seriousness of the problem, must contact the authority of the Department of correction. At first, a 9 year old child answers did not cause the attention of the World Youth Olympic committee. "A child did not participate in the Olympiad competitions on the question answer is wrong, the organizing committee had no qualification to correct, told us to go." In September 28th, Chen Qun had to contact the publication of "Pei excellent helper" new Chongwen. Reporters saw in the 4 telephone communication process 3 times, in the mail, please press the editor and editor to do more than that, "the problem solving steps, which belongs to the idea of a mistake", still adhere to the old answer, and suggest that children go online to search for problem solving steps. Chen Qun is not willing to, she issued a two letter correction message, Luo Yi will deduction thoughts and pointed out that the common problems to inform the editor. Finally, on the morning of October 20th, Chen Qun received the Chongwen Book editorial director Xu Juxin mail "we will the child’s thought and answer back to the editor and several editors, reexamine this question was surprised to find that children’s thinking and the answer is indeed correct". The editorial department is committed to相关的主题文章:

Did you do the right thing for the first time in your life Sohu –

Did you do the right thing for the first time in your life? When the Sohu on maternal age two season weather be neither hot nor cold, many mothers put their children weaning on the agenda. Weaning for children, can be described as the first separation of life. When the child is born from the mother, the child’s consciousness is still in a state of integration with the mother, hungry, there will be warm breasts and sweet milk in time. Gradually, the child will gradually realize that I am me, my mother is my mother, my mother and I are two people, but breast-feeding, mother and child is still connected to the moment. Until weaning, the child will be fully aware of a separation with his mother. However, many mothers for when weaning, weaning, weaning, and so on what to pay attention to problems such as confusion, anxiety. I hope this article can help these mothers. The more anxious the mother, the more difficult the child weaned I saw a mother, in the period of weaning children, the children crying in the house, my mother crying outside. Often tempted to accompany the child when wiping the tears away. Think breastfeeding intimate time gone by, watching children at weaning cry piercing himself, hardly wished to live. Weaning, whether for children or mothers, can be regarded as a separation anxiety experience. Cut off the supply of milk, once that rely on their own and the little guy seemed less attachment to yourself, you will feel great loss, lose the sense of self value, which makes the mother the mood is not good. In particular, her mother usually get family care and care is relatively small, more likely to experience anxiety, depression and other emotions during the weaning. However, the mood is passed, will be the first time the baby was aware of. The child can deeply feel the mother’s anxiety and depression, and try to cope with the mother’s anxiety, do not accept the weaning thing. At this point, it can be said that it is my mother will wean the matter becomes more and more complex, more and more difficult, the more the longer the delay…… ? the timing of weaning is not according to the length of time division feeding many mother will ask what time the child is weaned right, there is no digital specific standard, such as half a year old, or a year, or even longer? Maybe someone will say half a year after breast milk is not nutrition, but there is absolutely no scientific basis; maybe someone will tell you well enough at the age of 1 is good, because 0-1 years old is the child’s oral stage, you can smoothly after weaning; maybe someone will say with you 2 years of weaning the most appropriate, because the best WHO recommends breastfeeding to 2 years. And I think, when weaning, is not simply a division of time, do not have to listen to anyone. Because, this thing, you and the baby say. As long as the mother and baby are well prepared for the psychological weaning, laying the groundwork for the baby; physiology has accepted food and milk powder. Your baby is weaned or signal, such as breast milk is no longer attached, less and less, more and more love other meals etc.. Ready to be weaned. Break.相关的主题文章: