2The police busted a prostitution dens seventy party claiming to be caught on off – Beijing|The police busted a prostitution dens seventy party claiming to be caught on off – Beijing

The police end off a prostitution prostitution dens seventy tiles off claiming to "catch on" – in Jingchu net news (correspondent million strong) April 11, Daye police destroyed a hiding area residents prostitution dens and arrested slip 4 female, the tiles off 6 people. Surprising is that two seventy tiles guest request police not to inform the family, on the other hand is for the police anti vice behavior praise, saying should purify the social atmosphere. On the morning of April 11, Daye City Public Security Bureau of Public Security Police Battalion Wang Dongsheng a casual passing in trailer factory sections of the city. It was found that the roadside has two women of the past in older men waving, softly whispered a few words after turning to to the back alley, suspected streetwalkers prostitution. In a report to the leadership, public security battalion Wu Jin arranged seven or eight plainclothes police rushed to the scene waiting for distribution. Seeing the two middle-aged man came out from the alley, the police followed to distant will its control to vehicle questioning, confirmed that there are acts of prostitution. But the arrest but more difficult, because of the large house alley, unable to determine the specific dens. So the police choose to wait for streetwalkers again soliciting follow into. On the afternoon of the same day, the police finally locked the prostitution dens of the specific location, has arrested four prostitutes, and six whoring man. Through the review, ten were confessed to their illegal behavior to. Of the 4 prostitutes, the youngest 30 years old, the oldest has been 47 years old. There are three people in Xianning of Chongyang, and another prostitute was local people, their domicile from prostitution dens less than five kilometers. In arrested six whoring man, age minimum have 45 years of age, and over seventy years of unexpectedly have two, respectively 71 and 73 years old, are in the vicinity rental personnel. In the face of police interrogation, 73 year old Cao repeatedly told police investigators said: I made this mistake a few decades, ugly dead, you do not let my family know." In asking not knowing why prostitution, Cao claimed to be curious no temptation, notebooks together a lifetime upon old also do such a stupid thing. At the end of the interrogation, Cao also repeatedly on police investigators said: "you are right, we must grasp clean, so that others make mistakes."

8Illegal business case involving 24 provinces cable vaccine, Ministry of Public Security the new netw|Illegal business case involving 24 provinces cable vaccine, Ministry of Public Security the new netw

Vaccine of illegal business case cable involving 24 provincial public security department: the full investigation – in the new network in the new network on March 20, according to the Ministry of public security administration and hit four black except for the four pests special action office official microblogging news, the evening of 19, Shandong Province, food and drug Administration Bureau issued "Pang Mou illegal business vaccine case clues on the notice", to tease out to Pang a vaccine to provide on-line clues 107, Pang Mou, etc. from purchasing vaccines offline clues 193, and 300 sale vaccine personnel list of clues involving 24 provinces and cities, the police will be full investigation. Relevant reports: Shandong announced 300 illegal vaccine case clues last night, Shandong Province food and drug administration official website released "the notice of a pang Mou illegal business vaccine case clues" and discloses to Pang involved a provide vaccines and biological products on-line clues 107, and Pang Mou, etc. from purchasing vaccines and biological products off the assembly line cues 193, a total of 300 sale vaccine personnel involving 24 provinces of Anhui, Beijing, Fujian, Xinjiang. Recently, Shandong Jinan cracked together illegal operator case with a vaccine, since 2011, without access to any pharmaceutical trading license, suspect Pang Mou, sun (mother and daughter) two people through online QQ exchange group express and logistics, contact the domestic more than ten province (city) more than 100 pharmaceutical company salesman or vaccine of illegal business personnel purchase 25 kinds of JE prevention and control, rabies, influenza virus with two kinds of vaccines and biological products, increase sales to 18 provinces throughout the country more than 300 illegal vaccine management personnel or a small amount of disease control departments grassroots site. Details of the food and Drug Administration: according to the law to investigate and punish illegal business of illegal crime for a thorough investigation of Ji’nan City, Shandong Province, the illegal operation of the vaccine involved in the whereabouts of the product, and severely punish criminal acts. State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice today, the requirements of the law to investigate and deal with the illegal operation of vaccine. Every suspects involved in the case notification requirements, the food and drug regulatory authorities of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to urge the within the administrative area of drug production and business units, carefully check the Shandong Province food and Drug Administration released the information, where with published the suspects involved in the case had vaccine transactions or exist from illegal channels to purchase vaccines, to the individual behavior of sales vaccine should be in before the 25th of March 2016, will take the initiative to above the county level in the local food and drug regulatory authorities or public security organs report vaccine varieties, quantity, batch number, purchase and sale of the direction of. "In detail

3Vice chairman of the National Women’s Federation the men and women share paid parental leave – Sohu |Vice chairman of the National Women’s Federation the men and women share paid parental leave – Sohu

Vice chairman of the all China Women’s Federation: the implementation of men and women shared with paid parental leave – Sohu News Jinghua times (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday morning, the second session of the fourth session of the CPPCC in the Great Hall of the people held the third plenary meeting, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Women’s Federation vice chairman Meng Xiaosi in the conference puts forward suggestions, with reference to international experience, implementation and sharing of paid parental leave and encourage men and women to share the responsibility for childcare. Meng Xiaosi mentioned, a comprehensive two child policy on the rapid lighting of public opinion, "Sheng is still not living" is a hot topic for a while. In reality, the reproductive behavior of women of childbearing age is still larger than expected, the total fertility rate of women is significantly lower than the replacement level. According to a survey by the National Women’s Federation, many women are not "do not want", but "not born" and "students can not afford". Employment difficulties, economic burden, care burden like three hills, pressure in their minds. In addition, said Meng Xiaosi, although the law the employing units shall not in any reason fired pregnant female employees, but some units through a variety of ways to make pregnant female employees feel "stay down" and "active resignation, there are some units in order to avoid maternal labor costs than recruiting women. This makes want to obtain employment, career development of women will inevitably have concerns about fertility, especially the birth of two children". Meng Xiaosi suggested that the implementation of the share of paid parental leave and other recommendations, and proposed to increase law enforcement and supervision, to eliminate employment discrimination. Continue to take effective measures to implement the "Employment Promotion Law", as soon as possible to develop the "labor security supervision regulations," the implementation details, to further improve the labor market employment discrimination regulation mechanism. Both husband and wife are employed in the family is the mainstream of our family.

3China Times Taiwan natural independence and bound of the hedge – the new network|China Times Taiwan natural independence and bound of the hedge – the new network

The editorial in the China Times: Taiwan’s only natural "and" inevitable reunification "hedge – in Beijing in March 23, Taiwan" China Times "dated 22" only natural "and" inevitable reunification "hedge" pointed out that over the past 20 years unification or independence mist always or implicit or explicit, or strong or weak blanketed Taiwan sky, affecting people’s identity and guide the development issues, and even change power plate, bring the impact of Taiwan and the mainland and the world. Academic and news agencies over the years continued to carry out the polls, trying to understand it. The survey results seem rational, but if the overall interpretation, can be found in many contradictions. The paradox is that the people in Taiwan are facing the "imaginary" and "real" errors. The article said that we could ask, since identity in more than 20 years can be great changes happen, the blue and green for the "status quo" and can have such different cognitive, apparently all identifications are constructed, there is no so-called "natural alone". There is no so-called "natural independence", there will be no "natural", all of the "national identity" is in fact through the political education and media attitude. When data figure then Academia Sinica polls have digital: nearly half of the people subjective hope "independence", but there are nearly half of the predicted final results will be Taiwan is unified, is very worthy of attention, which means that half of whom received the "independence" of the identity education, but there are about half of people believe that Taiwan to pursue the "independence" of the strength and the will is not enough to ward off, "unification" of the determination, and finally "must be unified". The article said that the Democratic Progressive Party believes that there is a natural independence, but there are about half of the people think that the inevitable". This paradox is the perception of the people in the face of the Taiwan people in the face of the "imaginary" and "real" when the error. On the one hand, the two sides are in a state of no war threat, but also by the "go to China" operation, people have been accustomed to using their own imagination to see cross-strait relations, and that this is the political right". But on the other hand, about half of the people also understand that the fact that the two sides will not be as the imagination of the two sides to tango. The article said that "national identity" is obviously not "natural", but the political force and social force to build up. The contradiction between "natural independence" and "inevitable unification" can coexist, and the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is bad, but the interest rate of the Chinese Communist Party is increasing, showing the phenomenon of the identity of the identity problem. Hope not to be kidnapped by past experience, should adjust the current thinking and practice, so that the "imagination of the two sides" and "the fact of the two sides" narrowing the gap, so that the peaceful development of cross-strait relations continue.

2Why is a legend on Nadal frequently turn back is still expected to peak|Why is a legend on Nadal frequently turn back is still expected to peak

Why is a legend on Nadal frequently turn back is still expected to peak of Nadal can find the confidence? Sina sports dispatch 2015 season, Nadal has been trapped on a lack of confidence, under the pressure to play a strong back to the ball, he has frankly and sincerely when it comes to their own inner entanglements and contradictions. But with the Wimbledon and the US Open early exit, he in September returned to his native Spain Mallorca Island, serious consideration, re start, at the end of the season several months back to its former status. But recently a grand slam in that the first round of the Australian Open defeat to Fernando Verdasco after. Now all the problems appeared again, whether it is Rafael Nadal’s coach team composition, or his personal confidence, or 29 of his foot speed. U.S. Davis Cup captain, before world first exam Riel said, "if I was his trainer, first of all, I’d do things was to remind him to he was so great, that he often doubt." Although Nadal missed the past outstanding performance in the sense of freedom, but he was not the fear of the button so early press. Now more than 30 year old players are still active in the field, you can burst out of the infinite power. And at the end of 2015 season, Nadal did hit the convincing aggressive tennis, this year he ranked once continued to decline, from time to time with injuries and need to restore the body and enhance personal logo of forehand depth. Return to Melbourne (2009 Rafael Nadal was in the semifinals of the Australian a classic battle beat Fernando Verdasco), Nadal training extremely hard, last week in and practice match Murray et al., he wins, and well implement the near baseline shots of the new standards. However on Tuesday, it was all to no avail, Nadal in the most important event, lost again a ranked much lower than the player’s own. Despite holding a disk is divided into two to one ratio, decider leading 2-0 and Fernando Verdasco serve in force and a break point, but Nadal finally conceded six innings regret defeat. It was Nadal career for the second time in the first round of the Grand Slam out, for the first time is in Wimbledon 2013 first round defeat to Darcy, but that failed to a large extent is due to a knee injury to Nadal made a lot of trouble. Nadal and his team this time, insists he has no pain, but this defeat will undoubtedly increase his inner sadness. "This is one of the most disappointing games," said Nadal, an uncle and coach Nadal Toni in an interview with Spanish radio. Of course, failure of almost all people are sad, but in the Australian Open like this most important of the first round of the tournament out, considering that he played well in the last three to four months, this is the biggest disappointments. " Rafael Nadal himself refused to replace coach team members and also declining outside to provide expert advice to him, last year he spells do everything we can to secure the world’s top five rankings, after the campaign, his ranking will fall again. Since winning the ninth seat French Open champion in 2014, Nadal also failed to breakthroughs in any grand slam quarter finals, and four lost to tour the hundred name away the player)