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P2P license transfer business: Shanghai license the most valuable one called 150 thousand – Sohu finance, I’m sorry, Beijing’s P2P license has been sold out." In Beijing Business Daily reporter to the identity of the buyer to Wang Peng (a pseudonym) consulting less than a quarter of the time, the sale of Wang Peng made a single. In the net lending platform regulatory tightening, the transfer of a licence has become a popular business. For a time, the insurance broker license, factoring license, financial leasing license, third party payment license and agent EDI card and other transfer information in the major Internet financial exchange group widely circulated. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that the license transfer market seems to have become a river. Sought after P2P license Wang Peng served in a specialized financial license transfer intermediary companies, his company’s financial license business is particularly prosperous recently. Open Wang Peng’s WeChat circle of friends, full of all kinds of financial licenses for the transfer of advertising and colleagues out of a single case. Wang Peng told the Beijing Daily reporter, "now the P2P license is sought, the third party payment license most valuable and most scarce, I have P2P Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen plate and Xiamen to hand, prices vary by region. At present, Shanghai’s most valuable a licence, licence bid 150 thousand yuan, Beijing license plate bid 100 thousand yuan, and the price can also talk about, 70 thousand yuan will be traded, and change, no longer charge extra fee. The process of the transaction is the intermediary company issued a contract to the buyer, the buyer signed the contract after the deposit, after the agency responsible for the change". In fact, with tighter regulation, financial licenses become scarce financial resources, but also with the fire of various types of intermediary companies to transfer the business license. Beijing Daily reporter noted that the recent transfer of wind was very fierce, the insurance brokerage licence, licence, lease factoring license, the third party payment license, P2P license and the EDI card information is widely spread in the major financial exchange group. Micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and other social platforms, seems to have been the financial transfer of licence information capture. Beijing Daily reporter added a "financial license transfer exchange" QQ group, the group has gathered more than 300 intends to transfer the licence or purchase, "first-hand information, clean tax" and "transfer license scarce resources, the FTA finance lease factoring business, pawn, small loans, asset management investment, management, Internet banking and other financial companies, the group every day everything will be such information scraper. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in the group released a buy Beijing P2P license information, immediately there is an intermediary Lee (a pseudonym) contact. Here in Li Gang, Beijing P2P license price is 100 thousand yuan, but the license to sell Shanghai $230 thousand, Shenzhen $160 thousand. Li Gang said that because the policy is not the same in different regions, resulting in different license prices. And he told the Beijing Business Daily reporter to sell the road, now the policy of strict supervision, such as financial license registration is not good, the license has been the same as real estate. And because they are scarce resources, very popular, there is room for appreciation". In addition to the P2P licence,.相关的主题文章: