Online shopping list disappeared buyers actually cheats to access goods

Online shopping list disappeared buyers actually cheats to access goods original title: nearly one hundred thousand yuan Rolex   disappeared; actually cheats "redirection of goods" online shopping nearly $100 thousand worth of Rolex watches is not received, but the store is called logistics show have been received, how can this be? Nanjing Xuanwu police, in fact, this is a new means of fraud. After the suspect to get online shopping information, posing as consumers to modify the receiving address, to a change to the site robbery". Correspondent Yang Weibin Qin Jie Yu ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou October 5th, Nanjing Houzaimen police station received a public warning that Miss Lee, was cheated of a nearly $100 thousand worth of Rolex watches. Miss Lee is open shop, specializing in luxury goods. Not long ago, someone in her shop took a piece of selling 97 thousand yuan Rolex watches. Shortly after the transaction, a strange account will contact Miss Lee, claiming to be just bought Rolex watch customers, now want to modify the receiving address. Because the other side can say detailed shopping information, Miss Lee did not suspect, immediately according to the other party to the new address shipping. However, a few days later, Miss Lee received a customer complaint, saying that did not receive the goods, request a refund. Miss Li immediately view logistics information, found to have signed. Miss Li is very angry, the other I received, but lying requires refund, she immediately called the alarm call for justice. After the police contact the customer, the other said he never let Miss Lee change address. According to our judgment, it was posing as a buyer asked Miss Lee to address." Police investigators told the modern express reporter, through the inquiry, the police found that the address after the change of thousands of kilometers away, but also a public place. Police analysis, which is a new scam, the suspect to get the shopping information, posing as buyers to change the location of the robbery". Currently, police are investigating the matter further. Police advise online sellers, change the face of the information received, to personally verify the buyer himself, if necessary, to verify. If accidentally cheated, should immediately reflect to the site. General transactions are stored in the online payment platform, as far as possible through this way to recover losses. As a buyer, we should pay attention to the protection of personal privacy, not to disclose their user account information. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: