OMG upset out golden eagle gaming opener is mango presided over the crowd mide-031

OMG upset out golden eagle gaming opener is mango presided over the high-profile GEC crowd of Golden Eagle Watch pioneer gaming contest event in September 1st officially opened Zhanmu, including A, B, C, D four groups of large seeded, mysterious and mango clan women TFG full debut in the tournament, mango TV, fish, panda, golden Eagle gaming. Flag, tiger, dragon, universal, Wukong, roar ten simulcast broadcast platform. As of the end of September 1st to the first day of the event, the upper half of A, B, C, D group in the first round of the competition has been completed, including Tomahawk, SHR, EP, a tour of the snow beat 16 teams into the top 32. Mango Dutch act squad VS team contest on the first day of women’s water challenge opener by show of concern prior to mango against TFG women’s team TFG team, women’s team in before it is publicly declared war on Mango team provocation, claiming to "abuse" mango! The early stages of the race team squad incarnation Dutch act mango Hunan satellite TV hostess, Pandan the first to die, refresh mango coffee pit value high, staged a startling step by step, go out even killed 3 + crowd, scraper Tucao, instantaneous explosion! Teammates said anything, but without a spray, I think it is the mango quality team to heaven, but you see Pan Dan, I can understand why nobody sprayed her. (Hunan TV host Pan Dan) Hunan TV a lot of onlookers who is He Jiong? Who’s Sheenah? The women’s team was initially put on Maxim’s sweet, relentless, did not think the other is actually a baby corps, distressed, after all, a woman’s heart is made of water, put 1 ml of water, or more than 2 to 0 win rolling! With entertainment first, friendship second, third game, the perfect end to the first star exhibition. Also, do not ask me whether the onlookers Shen Mengchen, Sheenah, ho! Anyway, the other side is a mango Taiwan sent to the entertainment of monkeys! The crowd, named "I am not Shen Mengchen" who is very suspicious, do not know what the teacher, Sheenah will take what ghost ID. Finally by a public broadcasting system called Hunan Metrosexual and behind the formation of entertainment Master mango team was rolling, TFG also achieved his pre match rhetoric, to 2:0 easily won the mango. (the women’s team TFG super rolling mango Corps) OMG team knocked out new dark horse in the exhibition after rolling promotion to GEC officially entered the race on the first day of the playoffs, the semi group A team Tomahawk team won the Tomahawk seed FJT Philippines diving team to 2:0 level 32 smooth and clean easily Shanxi, B group and C group was seeded WE.white, a tour of the snow also near misses beat EP, NEW4 32 in advance, the most popular games from the D group of OMG seed team match against EZ, OMG as a high-profile domestic first-line veteran Gaming Club, in the fight against the dark horse EZ is EZ, the score of 2:0 to beat. The first game of choice for the game with Nepal, the blue side for the OMG team, EZ team is red. (group D OMG VS EZ) the first game, both teams chose two standard array output two for two tanks.相关的主题文章: