Nvzei installed woman one day to steal 5 electric vehicles police Dunshou captured a theft su didadi

Nvzei installed woman one day to steal 5 electric vehicles   police Dunshou captured a theft suspect — on Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Nvzei installed woman one day to steal 5 electric cars the newspaper news (reporter Xia Jing correspondent Zhang Jiaguo) a woman dressed as a woman to buy food, together with poison friends one day to steal electric cars 5 when committing the crime again, police found the woman squatting on the theft of a trick, captured wild mandarin. 13, 2009, on suspicion of stealing someone else’s property Zhang Mou, Yu Mou was detained by the police in jianghan. 6 on the morning of 8, who lives in Hankou Dajiang Wang Jia Yuan unified Street ready to ride to work, find a red electric car parked in the downstairs the police take wings to itself. Civil Street police station rushed to the scene, retrieval of surveillance video showed the day early in the morning of 6, a woman dressed in black humpback, carrying food baskets, and slowly approached the floor stairs, with a key to open a red hurriedly cut electric car, then drove to the area around the corner, go with a man after the rendezvous. The police along 2 escape route relay to view the surveillance video, they fled to Taipei Road, the electric car will be parked in a nearby police station, the woman and replace the blue shirt, wearing a black hat, carrying a basket of food, one after the two, sneaked into the Kaohsiung road in front of the restaurant, to steal an electric car then, they were riding in a stolen car, the car sold to a thin man Dazhi road. On the morning of 9, the woman sneaked into a aunts tree in front of the store, once again stole a black electric car sale. The police according to the law of their activities, through the surveillance video found that women’s day of theft of electric vehicles 5, and try to find out the 2 time at the rental and theft crime means, 10 police Dunshou packet turns. 13 on the morning of 6, police found a woman in Hankou near the copper street market into a public toilet, after a while, she becomes a woman out of the toilet, the police stopped and arrested him, standing in the distance a man rushed out and ran but soon captured. After the examination, a 41 year old woman Yumou, Wuhan, due to drug with poison friends of a chapter, 2 people to raise drug money, then theft gang crime. To deceive the public, every action, by more than a fancy face, with small, start looking for targets, a chapter is responsible for the lookout. The stolen stolen goods, will thousands of Yuan electric cars to 300 to 500 yuan price. In the afternoon, the police received stolen goods Wang man brought to the police station in Dazhi Road, the case is still digging into. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: