Number of Listed Companies in the interim dividend dividend dividend is still scarce

The number of interim dividends of listed companies has a high dividend yield varieties are still scarce Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament the reporter looked Shenzhen reported semi annual report of listed companies to distribute ending, red is also in full swing in. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter from flush iFinD statistics found that as of September 1st, A shares have 11 listed companies to implement the 2016 annual dividend, and 97 listed companies launched a cash dividend or stock dividend plan. But this number compared with the same period last year but there is a gap, flush iFinD data show that the 2015 year implementation of the cash dividend or stock dividends of listed companies up to 215, about two times this year. However, listed companies in this year’s dividend scheme is more inclined to send high, according to statistics, this year, the CPC has 5 listed companies to send 10 shares for each of the 30 shares, but only in the middle of the year 1. Shuanghui development dividend per share the highest according to the relevant documents of the Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other requirements, a listed company has cash dividend requirements, should use the cash distribution of profits, dividends have the conditions and encourage listed companies to implement the interim dividend, dividend increase frequency, make investor get more timely return. But in the middle of 2016 dividend data through statistics of listed companies found that cash dividends per share of the intensity is not large, even the United States Energy (600175.SH) to send 0.05 yuan for every 10 shares (including tax, the same below) of the plan. Beauty and energy in 2015 2014 not dividends, dividend level is only to send 0.06 yuan for every 10 shares. The level of the company’s dividend is not low, this year’s dividend payout is almost 30% of the company’s undistributed profits, but it seems to be less than the share of each body." In September 1st, the United States said energy concerned in an interview. The 2016 year bonus "nouveau riche" is the Shuanghui development (000895.SZ), the period in which the dividend plan for 9 yuan for every 10 shares, the highest level in two, this is also the first interim cash dividend. Semi annual report shows, Shuanghui development net profit in the first half of this year was 2 billion 151 million 463 thousand and 500 yuan, but the profit distribution plan is as high as 2 billion 969 million 602 thousand and 500 yuan, compared to 138% of the net profit of the parent, and the distribution has undistributed profits of 4 billion 986 million 684 thousand and 700 yuan as retained. "The company is currently relatively small investment, the national layout has been basically completed, before the cumulative profit is also more, adequate funding." In September 1st, Shuanghui development staff explained that the twenty-first Century economic report to reporters because of high dividends. In fact, Shuanghui development since listing in December 1998, the year to year of dividends, which, in addition to the first two years of the implementation of stock dividend, cash dividend or other years are taking stock dividend plus dividends, and dividends every 10 shares since 2012 more than 10 yuan. Unfortunately, this theory is similar to Shuanghui development相关的主题文章: