Nuclear arms and foreign media said Japan wants India to become a military power e3300

Nuclear arms and foreign media said Japan wants India to become a military power data figure: Japan intends to export to India seaplane reference news website in November 17 news media said, in India’s prime minister Narendra modi · and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo this year’s summit, strike between India and Japan’s nuclear agreement the focus of attention for most people. According to India, "India times" website on November, 12, said the importance of this Agreement no doubt. First, since almost all nuclear reactors in the world are from Japan, it is necessary to do so with most countries in the world. It would be impossible to buy a reactor from the United States or France without Tokyo’s permission. Second, under the framework of the Paris agreement, India ambitious carbon emissions targets to return to nuclear energy equation. Solar and wind power can not provide enough electricity. Nuclear power is the only way to meet all the conditions of carbon free power generation. However, the reality of the political relationship between India and Japan, even more shocking is the ambition of these agreements. Like most friendly bilateral relations, the two sides met on Trade and investment, naval exercises and high-level dialogue in many areas. In these areas, compared with most other countries, Japan has been in a shorter period of time to turn to more in-depth cooperation with India. Japan’s aid and investment in India reached $5 billion a year more than China’s total investment in india. Taking into account its pacifist background, Japan has also made rare military contacts with India, even if the two countries have not yet finalized its first military equipment trade. Reported that the two countries also seek to use each other to change the status quo in the country, which makes the relationship between India and Japan is different from the bilateral relations between India and other countries. Japan has designed and funded India to build huge industrial and freight corridors across the country. The corridor is not only fast moving container, which aims to provide a solid foundation for India, to help them establish an export-oriented, competitive manufacturing base – this is India’s economy today is the lack of. Tokyo’s participation in smart cities, high-speed rail and other infrastructure projects in twenty-first Century could also help India to embark on a higher economic growth trajectory, not just to add billions of dollars to the government’s balance sheet. With this visit, Japan also put the technology India and other welfare programs into its embrace. What good will it do to build a closer relationship with India? On the surface may not be obvious. Japanese companies have struggled to survive in a difficult business environment in India. The role of India is to provide Legitimacy — Abe Shinzo’s determination to make Japan "normalized"". In other words, Andouble wants Japan to get rid of post-war pacifism and become a sovereign Asian diplomatic and military power. But Tokyo faces strong opposition from China and other countries that have been invaded by Japanese imperialism. Andouble believes that if India can accept Japan’s new role, it will provide critical support for the international legitimacy of its nationalist agenda. Although there are many articles about Mr modi and Andouble very well, but really let them go)相关的主题文章: