NOKIA returns! New tablet exposure the phone is far

NOKIA returns! New tablet exposure: the phone is far? Today’s mobile phone manufacturers are invariably began to circle around the powder, there is the strength of the product itself suction powder, but also by the spokesperson curve revolution. However, some brands, and now there are few new products, did not go crazy to find spokesmen, but also has a bunch of hardcore powder, spell is feeling, for example, accompanied by countless young NOKIA. Since NOKIA’s mobile phone business was acquired by Microsoft, the old promise seems to slowly fade out of our sight. Fortunately, NOKIA has decided to start again, and new products have been exposed. Foreign run site GeekBench exposure of a new NOKIA machine, but from the screen size, it should not be a mobile phone, but a tablet PC. This model for the Nokia D1C tablet has a 13.8 inch 1080P screen, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon eight core CPU, clocked at 1.4Ghz, with 3GB +16GB storage combination, front 8 million + rear 16 million pixel camera, running Android operating system 7. From the configuration point of view, this tablet is not very bright. However, NOKIA has not always been the configuration of the manufacturers. Moreover, we value the tablet is, whether the exposure means that NOKIA mobile phone will soon return to the market of the armored battle?相关的主题文章: