Noel good champion play too reasonable defensive end and I complementary (video)

Noel: good champion play too reasonable defensive end with my 2015-16 season dunk complementary Noel Madden cruel buckle body vibration lead team sports Tencent coveted September 30th news media day, 76 people team center norens Noel center on the team accumulation’s words are very interesting, but perhaps aware of the adverse shelling team unity, Noel in a few days after the start of training camp gave him some teammates. Noel Simmons took Thursday local time, Noel in the training camp in the first and 2016 stage show champion Simmons the same game, after the end of the training, said Noel, the rookie striker and his work well together. "We are a very good team of two." Noel said, "I think we two complementary effect is very good, especially on the defensive end, he is definitely a freezing type defender." Last season, Noel and Okafor formed ghazil inside Twin Towers, but the general effect. This season, the 76 teams selected another super rookie Joel de embid inside in a dormant comeback after the two season. This makes Noel feel the pressure, in the media day, he actually complained about the team stacked center meaningless". But for Noel, there is no direct competitive relationship Ben – Simmons is the object he must draw. Although Noel has not seen the battle of NBA in the field of, but he believes that the champion can definitely help the team. "He always plays basketball in the right way." Noel said, when a big man can do the right way to play, the game will be much easier. He is a very comprehensive ball forward, which makes him very open vision, to create a lot of opportunities for his teammates." (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: