Ningbo Beilun a company wage fraud, less personal income tax checked-wetnwild

Ningbo Beilun a company wage fraud less personal income tax checked recently, Ningbo Beilun District Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau received reports, according to the law of Ningbo Beilun Tai Tai Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. involved in individual income tax cases were investigated and punished. Through the check according to the company’s accounting books, vouchers, statements and the relevant information, copy the relevant documents from the survey asked the relevant personnel, the final verified: the company since 2012 opening date to December 2014 period in order to reduce the personal income tax rate to take another payroll account and income higher wages allocated to other low-income employees, not in accordance with the regulations of withholding wages and salaries personal income tax. The company’s behavior, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "People’s Republic of China tax collection and management law", Beilun Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau shall fill deduction to pay personal income tax 42493.01 yuan, and the company should not buckle buckle behavior "wages and salaries" personal income tax to a fine of 21246.51 yuan.

宁波北仑一家公司工资造假 少扣个人所得税被查   近日,宁波北仑区地税局稽查局接到举报,依法对宁波北仑泰固机械零部件有限公司涉及个人所得税案件进行了查处。通过依法检查该公司的帐簿、记帐凭证、报表和有关资料,提取相关凭证资料的复印件,调查询问相关人员等方式,最终查实:该公司自2012年开业之日起至2014年12月期间为达到降低个人所得税税率的目的,采取另设工资单账册、将收入较高员工的工资分摊给其他收入较低员工的方式,未按规定足额代扣代缴“工资、薪金所得”个人所得税。   该公司的行为,违反了《中华人民共和国税收征收管理法》相关规定,北仑地方税务局稽查局依法补扣补缴个人所得税42493.01元,并对该公司应扣未扣“工资、薪金所得”个人所得税的行为处以罚款21246.51元。相关的主题文章: