Network about the new car drivers need to have these qualifications-mide-031

Network about the new car policy drivers need to have these qualifications network booking taxi network about the driver to test the "network booking taxi driver’s license" network about car drivers need to have what qualifications? According to the unified regulations of the Ministry of transport network about car drivers must have legal qualifications, the qualifications include obtain permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license for more than 3 years of driving experience, but also "no five, no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the last 3 consecutive score period no record of 12 points in the record, no record of violence. And through the examination of the network rental taxi driver’s license can be engaged in the network about car operations. Jiangsu new regulations pointed out that due to the scope of the area of the pilot car driver exam coverage of the network about the scope of the car driver’s test, the parade car driver can open the net about the car. But if you want to engage in net about car driver cruising the driver’s work, it must then obtain "taxi driver" parade. According to the length of work, service frequency, etc., the driver and the network about the vehicle platform signed a variety of forms of labor contracts or agreements.相关的主题文章: