Negotiations on the four northern islands can not allow Russia to compromise Andouble bow in front o wetnwild

The four northern islands negotiations can not let Russia compromise Andouble bow – in front of Putin Sohu more than military channel sources revealed the news that Russia in August 29th 29, the Japanese government began to plan coordination, the South Kuril Islands (Japan said: the four northern islands) progress on territorial issues in advance to carry out comprehensive economic cooperation in russia. Japan’s Kyodo news agency in August 30th, analysts believe that this is because the Andouble administration believes that enhance the trust between the two countries will help to resolve the territorial issue, so will actually change the government policy based on territorial negotiations for cooperation has been. Part of the project is expected to begin in the year. Reported that the first implementation will be the 8 economic cooperation scheme proposed by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in May held summit talks with Japan and Russia in the southern Russian city of Sochi. Andouble is expected in September 2nd in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia will inform the Japanese government will provide full cooperation. Russia’s attitude will become the focus of the future. About the first to carry out economic cooperation, the Japanese government sources stressed: since there has been no progress in accordance with the principle of territorial negotiations has been, then it is necessary to change ideas." Russian diplomatic sources, the view of cooperation projects between the two countries government recently as early as possible to achieve coordination. It is reported that in July 2016, the Japanese deputy chief secretary Yoko Hiroshige (now economic industry) and Russian Economic Development Minister Ulyukaev at the residence of the talks, seems to be the starting time for consultation. The main contents of the 8 Russian economic cooperation programs are the development of the far east. Given that Putin is concerned about the revitalization of the Far East, the Japanese government is likely to quickly introduce project planning and implementation. In addition, there are plans to provide technical support for Russia to improve oil and gas production capacity, as well as the construction of Japan’s most advanced technology as soon as possible medical centers. Reported that earlier in the negotiations with Putin, whether it is Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party or the Democratic Party, successive Japanese governments have taken at the same time to promote the resolution of territorial issues and economic cooperation strategy, but failed to achieve significant results. In view of this, Andouble talks with Putin in May, proposed to "new ideas" to solve. There are views that the first to carry out comprehensive economic cooperation with Russia is one of the main content of the new ideas. However, the Japanese side also worried that even if the first to carry out cooperation can not guarantee that Russia will show a flexible attitude on the territorial issue (government stakeholders). Cooperation in full swing, may also appear to contribute to Russia negotiating a compromise on the territorial issue, the Japanese government in business anxiety situation. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei 29, said at a press conference, is expected in September the Russo Japanese summit will move towards a specific 8 projects for consultations.相关的主题文章: