Nearly four months after an unexpected rebound due to wait patiently, after eleven

Nearly a month of an unexpected rebound four reasons patiently waiting for the "eleven" after a radical shock rebound period – Eastern financial Xu Guang, as of September 8, 2016, the average net worth of 498 hybrid funds nearly a month arithmetic growth rate of 2.73%, the Shanghai stock index rose 3.87%, Shenzhen rose 4.23%, small plates Rose 3.81%, the gem rose 4.88% overall, hybrid funds underperformed the index, the market focus is more dispersed, the stock index rose more concentrated. Nearly a month, the Shanghai Composite Index to go out after the first rebound in the market, after hitting a new high of 3140.44 points, to maintain a low volatility trend. Before the index is not a continuation of the decline trend, there are unexpected stabilized rebound several reasons: first, the technology, the 3 line MACD-DIFF recently has maintained an upward trend, before crossing the zero axis, at zero axis, MACD also maintains an upward trend, short-term index is still maintaining the upward trend, even among adjustments but the adjustment is not large. Long term MACD-DIFF (No. 9), for the first time that the long-term trend of decline since the MACD, although the way, but the increase will more limited. Second, the morphological point of view, after the Shanghai composite index broke the high point, to maintain the shock, failed to continue to rise, mainly due to the impact of insufficient market volume. Third, the fundamentals, a factor is still restricting the flow of funds into the A-share market, PMI data for the short term, the urgency of policy easing has been reduced by A. In addition, a second tier cities real estate prices and price rises, for the subsequent release of monetary policy is also more unfavorable. Fourth, funds, real estate price hot a second tier city, a substantial diversion of funds industry. For the stock market, investors are not as the preferred configuration, resulting in more game between stock funds, liangnengbuzu is restricting the stock prices of the most important factors. Nearly a month, Shen Wan an industry classification generally rose, the construction industry remains strong, a second tier real estate industry volume and price effects, building decoration building materials rose 12.23%, rose 9.18%, far higher than the industry average price. In addition, some of the weak performance of the previous round of rising prices, which rose 6.54% in the electronics industry, the steel industry rose by 7.15%. A few months ago better or more defensive industry, sector performance is relatively poor, including food and beverage delivery rose only 0.99%, rose 0.03%. Industry, due to the overall capital is limited, so it is difficult to achieve a single plate continuous rise, the funds generally fast switching between plates. 498 open-end hybrid funds in the past month, the average performance of 2.76%, the market performance remained stable. Last month, the unit net growth rate ranked first for Cathay event driven, an increase of 11%. Second selected for the million, an increase of 9.35%. Third Cathay growth preferred, an increase of up to 9.1%. These three funds are to stock based funds, can achieve excellent performance this month is the main industry wheeled accurately, but in view of the current industry wheeled quickly, if not promptly adjust the position, it is difficult to obtain a better income. Data show that in August exports fell by $2.8;相关的主题文章: