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NDRC: coal prices rising too fast is not sustainable — energy — people.com.cn original title: development and Reform Commission: coal prices rising too fast is not sustainable development and Reform Commission 13 on the macroeconomic situation in the press conference, the NDRC spokesman Zhao Chenxin said that the current coal price hikes, the lack of market basis, is not sustainable, coal supply will not appear the problem of the coal market demand is difficult to have an absolute growth space. At present, the coal field is fully qualified, have the ability to ensure a stable supply, the next step, the structural problems of tight supply will take specific measures to ensure that the national coal supply and demand situation is basically stable. The State Council recently issued "on actively and steadily reduce leverage views" and accessories "on the market bank debt into equity guidance", Zhao Chenxin said, deleveraging is not a simple reduction of all corporate leverage. High leverage, high financial costs of enterprises, of course, must reduce the leverage ratio, but for low leverage, high growth companies can be appropriate to increase leverage. On this issue, the opinions did not engage in one size fits all, will not engage in "one size fits all"". Zhao Chenxin pointed out that the swaps would reduce the debt ratio of enterprises in a large extent, from the micro and macro level two. The micro level, debt to reduce leverage effect should be obvious, but the specific degree of the enterprise debt leverage reduction depends on the enterprise as between the debtor and creditors of the negotiation result. The formulation of this policy process, from the simulation run, debt can make enterprise asset liability ratio generally decreased by about 10 to 20 percentage points, significantly reduce the financial costs of enterprises. The macro level, reducing leverage effect of debt to equity requires a process to be fully revealed, need to be assessed in order to obtain the quantitative effect of specific debt operation to a stage. This is the need to emphasize the market, legalization of debt, the size and quantity of the target specific and thus the government does not set up the debt. (Liu Liliang) (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: