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National team G20 during the trail clues? Non bank financial institutions loans soared again Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find you according to Bloomberg, August credit data released by the central bank Chinese, a classification index may obscure, but in the eyes of some economists, it is important to explore "" the national team out of the stock market leads. Chinese last week the people’s Bank of China announced on its website in August new RMB loans than the market expected, reached 948 billion 700 million yuan, the highest estimates are even more than the 33 economists in a Bloomberg survey of value. Many analysts have regarded this as China’s economy continued to stabilize one of the signals, and analyze the reasons behind the surge. For far away in the Alex Wolf in Edinburgh, which is a non bank financial institutions lending changes, it is more interesting. Central bank data show that last month, non bank financial institutions new loans reported 146 billion 300 million yuan, a record high since last July. From June 15, 2015 to July 8th the 17 trading days, A shares as the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell 32%, resulting in a large area of the market panic, the stock market liquidity dried up as few. Statistics show that loans to financial institutions in July of that year soared, the total amount of new RMB loans to the real economy than the loan more than 891 billion yuan. "This figure was in last year when Chinese crash hit a record high," as the standard life senior emerging markets economist Alex Wolf said in an interview with Bloomberg, "the rise, may be Chinese government to prevent the stock market sell-off before the G20, and injected the funds due to prop." Leaders of the group of twenty summit held in Hangzhou on September 4-5. Shanghai 8 recorded a 3.6% increase, the best monthly performance since the end of March. Since the end of the Hangzhou summit, the benchmark index fell 2.3% this month, the cumulative decline of 2.7%. In March this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg found that from October 2015 to February this year, China’s financial institutions loans for 5 consecutive months of decline. Analysts said at the time in London, macro investment chief Asia economist Mark Williams Kai, this change indicates that financial institutions are gradually paid last year after the stock market crash to purchase shares to prop up the market to bank loans. Peng Bo in July last year, citing informed sources, China Securities Finance Limited by Share Ltd from China’s central bank and commercial banks to get up to 3 trillion yuan of financial support. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: