National Health joint Capital Medical University, Peking University, to build ultrasound communicati

Our health to the Capital Medical University, Beijing University, to build a communication platform of ultrasonic – Sohu maternal prenatal ultrasound images of November 29, 2016, second clinical experts lectures in obstetrics and gynecology hospital held by state health, Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing An Zhen Hospital director He Yihua, No.1 Hospital of Peking University, director of Obstetrics Chen Qianlai to Changchun, as a guest speaker to attend the lecture. It is understood that this lecture attracted more than 40 doctors in the field of ultrasound in the province, a series of issues on the joint ultrasound communication seminars to improve the national health, and even the province’s ultrasonic examination level. Mention of ultrasonic testing, the pregnant mother is not strange, but in the eyes of many pregnant mothers, ultrasonic testing is the use of a plastic probe on the belly sweep sweep "and" a look not clear which is which ". But the pregnant mother’s eyes "all the same" is like a map, the doctor hands, became "poke fog lights", the lecture, the convergence of domestic numerous maternity ultrasound field big coffee, is to let the lamp can shine brighter, farther and more clear. Joint Capital Medical University, Peking University experts, only the mother and child safety of the lecture will focus on prenatal diagnosis of fetal heart, placenta implantation fetal abnormalities in three areas. During the two day of the lecture, Professor He Yihua, An Zhen Hospital affiliated to Beijing Medical University, took the lead in attending the event, bringing a lecture on prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of fetal heart. Professor He Yihua’s field of the fetus in the womb heart has made great achievements, which have been published and the International Conference of World Conference (ISOUG), the American Heart Association Annual Meeting (AHA). In the course of her lecture, prenatal screening of fetal heart disease issues keynote speech, the international advanced ultrasound examination experience into the national health technology, providing more careful care for baby health. 30 pm, No.1 Hospital of Peking University, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chen Qian, "bring the ultrasonic diagnosis of placenta implantation", "fetal ultrasound abnormalities" two consultation seminars, and to discuss such problems in ultrasound doctors, enhancement of placenta implantation in the field of ultrasonic inspection of accuracy analysis in fetal ultrasonic inspection process common anomalies, and effectively solve the problem and bring more security for the pregnant mother and the baby. Build a communication platform, sharing technology medical ultrasound is a rapid development of medical projects, every day may have unexpected things happen, only ultrasound between doctors continue to exchange, share experiences, to continue to make progress." National Health for many years, has been committed to build a national medical science and technology communication platform, the introduction of more advanced medical equipment and diagnostic screening technology for pregnant mothers to provide a better service. The seminar invited to the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University professor He Yihua, director of No.1 Hospital of Peking University in Chen Qian, is an important part of medical science and technology communication platform, in addition to enhance the ultrasonic detection level, more important is to establish information database, make all kinds of "own label Difficult miscellaneous diseases" archives, let Beijing advanced technology, mass the case with rich experience in health and realize seamless docking, help.相关的主题文章: