National Day small holiday Mount Emei preferential play, don’t

National Day small holiday Mount Emei preferential play, don’t miss the national day small holiday, "where to play" immediately became the topic of people scrambling to discuss. That this year’s National Day, Emeishan will have what fun funny? It is reported that from September 21st to October 7th, the Mount Emei bay town will be held by the people loved Food Carnival, intangible cultural heritage exhibition and a series of activities. During the carnival, every day will be a wonderful martial arts and folk cultural performances, there will be more than 200 businesses concentrated in the exhibition scene, Taiwan, Sichuan famous snack delicacy features, showing both inside and outside the province of martial arts culture, tourism commodities, agricultural and sideline products and intangible cultural heritage and other commodities. So the tourists who like food and folk culture must not miss this grand meeting! Of course, in addition to a variety of delicacy, during the National Day holiday, Mount Emei still know the way travel network launched the "buy tickets sent to hot springs", who know the way through travel booking Mount Emei scenic spots tourists, buy two tickets to send a red Zhushan hot spring ticket or yoga hot ticket, so how can you discount keep the joy of my heart? Finally, after the National Day holiday, the Mount Emei scenic spot will be held "2016 Mount Emei international mountaineering Festival"". According to the announcement of the 2016 Mount Emei international mountaineering Festival, the international mountaineering Friendship Committee will invite 100 international friends to participate in this mountaineering activity, and visitors can also participate in activities through the Mount Emei 517 nets. During the mountaineering Festival, Mount Emei will hold the mountain tourism experience for three consecutive days, which is really wonderful! So many activities, there must be a can attract you, what are you waiting for? National Day, Mount Emei appointment! Reminder: during the national day, the monkey free tour Emei preferential activities temporarily not implemented. (pictures come from the web)

国庆小长假 峨眉山优惠耍法千万别错过临近国庆小长假,“去哪里耍”立马成为了人们争先恐后讨论的话题。那今年的国庆节,峨眉山又将有哪些好玩好耍的事情呢?据悉从9月21日至10月7日,峨眉山黄湾小镇内将举行老百姓们都喜闻乐见的美食嘉年华、非物质文化遗产展览等一系列活动。嘉年华活动期间,每天都会有精彩的武术表演和民俗文化演出,将有超过200家商家集中在现场,展销台湾特色美食、川内著名小吃,展示省内外武术文化,旅游特色商品,农副产品以及非物质文化遗产等商品。所以喜欢美食和民俗文化的游客们,一定不能错过这场盛会哦!当然,除了丰富多样的美食,在国庆小长假期间,峨眉山还在识途旅游网推出了“买门票送温泉”活动,凡是通过识途旅游网预订峨眉山景区门票的游客,买两张门票送一张红珠山温泉票或瑜伽温泉票,如此大的优惠你怎能按捺住心中的喜悦呢?最后,在国庆小长假结束后,峨眉山景区还将举行“2016年峨眉山国际登山节”。根据2016峨眉山国际登山节活动公告,国际人士登山友谊赛由组委会将邀请100名国际友人参与本次登山活动,游客也可通过峨眉山517网参与活动。登山节活动期间,峨眉山还将连续三天举办山地旅游体验活动,真是精彩纷呈!如此多丰富的活动,一定有一款能够吸引到你,还在等什么呢?国庆节峨眉山约起!温馨提示:国庆期间属猴免费游峨眉优惠活动暂不执行。(图片来源于网络)相关的主题文章: