National Day Chongqing tourists over 25 million people to achieve tourism revenue of more than 8 bil-lata-01

National Day Chongqing tourists over 25 million people to achieve tourism income of more than 8 billion 100 million today, the great Yu net from the City Tourism Bureau was informed that the National Day golden week, Chongqing tourism order is good, no travel safety incidents. The city received a total of 25 million 317 thousand and 900 tourists, an increase of 21.3%; total tourism revenue of $8 billion 169 million, an increase of 25.6%. It is understood that this year the eleven golden week, self driving travel and self-help travel has become the main way of holiday tourists, with 2016 of the World Tourism City Federation of Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit held in our city, the external visibility of Chongqing to further improve the highway toll free car launch and many tourism festival promotions, the domestic tourists I the city grew larger. According to preliminary statistics, during the holiday period, the city received a total of 25 million 116 thousand and 100 domestic tourists, an increase of 21.4%, the local and Sichuan, Hubei tourists for the main source of tourists, accounting for nearly 200% of domestic tourists in the city. From the reception of the District, Banan district received 2 million 400 thousand and 900 tourists, an increase of 20.06%; Nan’an District received 1 million 916 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 20.8%; Dadukou District received 137 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 22.33%; Wansheng open area received 495 thousand and 500 passengers, an increase of 108.02%; Rongchang district received 360 thousand passengers, an increase of 69.8%; Yunyang County reception 651 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 21.8%; the State District received 352 thousand and 100 passengers, an increase of 25.6%. At the same time, the city key scenic spots fared well into the 12 "million tourists club" City Tourism Bureau statistics of tourism scenic spots received 3 million 301 thousand and 200 tourists trips, an increase of 7.35%, ticket sales 99 million 979 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 18.71%. Municipal Tourism Bureau official said, during the national day, the city received a total of 36 tourist complaints, an increase of 118 last year, a decrease of 69.5%. Among them, the travel agency complaints 12, scenic complaints 15, the hotel of the 6, the online business of the 1, cruise ship, the other 1, at present, the complaint has been handled in accordance with the admissibility of the complaint process in a timely manner to deal with the flow of the 1 in the process of handling the complaints of the company, the company has a total of 36. The 2016 edition of the Chongqing tourism publicity film released 5 minutes going over the mountain scenery相关的主题文章: