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Nanjing intends to apply for a single integral settled over% of the purchase settled will become the new network in history – Yangzi Evening News (reporter Chou Huidong) Nanjing municipal government legal office 22 on the "Nanjing Hukou admittance management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "household registration measures") and implementation of "Nanjing integral settled measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "integral method") to solicit public opinion. Foreigners come to settle policy is facing a major adjustment, the original purchase will be settled in the history. The upcoming implementation of the integral settled policy, will examine the applicant’s property, education, age, social security and employment, etc., comprehensive ranking. See the following table. In accordance with the "household registration procedures" related conditions of non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to the city. Does not comply with the relevant provisions of the household registration system, the system can be integrated, the application will be moved into the city account. For example, this year’s full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning graduates (including occupation college graduates) in accordance with the employment policy in the city area of employment or business; or have full-time undergraduate colleges, college degree and at the age of 35 years of graduate employment in the city area or entrepreneurship, bachelor degree graduates for full payment of social insurance 1 years, college degree graduates continuously pay social insurance for 2 years. These are directly applied to settle down. A new simple meaning of the home buyers will be required before the implementation of the history of household registration to purchase complete sets of commercial residential housing in the urban area of Nanjing city (including second-hand housing) more than 60 square meters, and the actual living of life, allowing himself, spouse and unmarried children or a total of 3 people settled in the city, the purchase area of each increment 20 square meters of office can increase 1 relatives of people settled in. The new version of the household registration approach, once implemented, the purchase will be settled in a simple history. The control table, want to buy foreigners settled in Nanjing, the first threshold is to have two years of social security record, can record 20 points, without considering other factors, according to a 1 square meters, 80 square meters of the house to buy at least, to get the full 100 points in application. It is worth noting that not enough 100 minutes to be able to settle down, but the most points in the front row first settled, you can also see that the index settled settled enough. So save points or the more the better. From this perspective, settled in Nanjing, the threshold increased. The "household registration measures" after the implementation of the original "Nanjing city household access registration procedures" (Ningzheng made 2004 No. 140) will be abolished. Before the implementation of the household registration approach in line with the conditions of the purchase home, can be implemented within 3 months after the implementation of the new approach, apply for an account to move into. Key analysis of how many foreigners settled in the district? Each year in March 1st announced the provisions of the integration method, the integral settled in accordance with the total control, regional co-ordination, open and transparent, the order of integration, the principle of fairness and justice. The development and reform department shall, jointly with the municipal human resources and social security departments and public security departments work out the annual integral settled index plan, approved by the municipal government, and published in the Nanjing China website and other media on March 1st of each year before. Integral settled indicators plan should be combined with the city.相关的主题文章: