Nanjing, a bus rolling taxi witnesses 2 people died on the spot – Sohu news tataufo

Nanjing taxi bus rolling witnesses: 2 people died on the spot – Sohu news bus, muck truck, taxi — on the network nicknamed the "big three road". Yesterday morning, because grab lights, a bus and car collided, causing many injuries. Can not let people come back to life, at 7:50 this evening, collided in Xianlin a 97 bus and taxi, according to onlookers said, a female passenger and the taxi driver was killed, the accident is still under investigation. Network picture tonight at about 7, two pieces of shocking pictures popped up online, a 97 bus, the whole body almost all riding in the green belt, a yellow taxi half a body next to the green belt, was crushed under the bus. A closer look, a man lying next to the taxi. Network picture Modern Express reporter after many know that the accident occurred in the vicinity of Xianlin University of traditional Chinese medicine, involved the bus driver has been taken to the police station. About 7:50 in the evening, the modern express reporter on the scene saw the accident in the subway line two, Wonderland Road near the mountain sheep subway station, the taxi has been rescue go, a crane is the bus from the green belt hanging out. At the time of the incident, the bus is learning from the original road to the University Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine station. The two car is just over there at the crossroads of Xianlin Avenue impact accident of broken glass, from the road from south to North in Paradise Lost forty or fifty meters. The scene of the accident picture network onlookers told reporters, the car sat a man and a woman two female passengers, dumped out of the bus passengers died on the spot, male passengers were injured and taken to hospital. The taxi was suppressed, the driver trapped in the car for a long time, rescued after death.相关的主题文章: