Nanjing 7 sets of houses were snapped up in the west of the city of 3 thousand people in a house of mycoolboy

Nanjing 7 sets of check 3 thousand public houses by the Hexi panic buying 1241 people fighting for – Beijing held yesterday afternoon in Nanjing September check Yaohao as expected hot, 7 houses attracted a total of more than 3000 people signed up for. One of the most concerned about the Hexi south of a price of 35970 yuan per square meter check-out, enrollment of up to 1241 people. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Ma Zuobo "the purchase of attrition rate accounted for nearly 30% of Nanjing online real estate data released in September 17th, Nanjing this month only 9 houses were from the west exit, only one set of residential houses, is located in the South West real estate is building 15 Floor 17 Rong run?. According to public information, the housing area of 94.25 square meters, priced 35970 yuan square meters hardcover delivery, amounting to nearly 3 million 400 thousand, compared with other buildings around 43000 yuan square meters second-hand price, the low price of more than half a million. Many people have heard of the Southwest River check-out list, the first time to the sales offices registration. Unexpectedly, the Nanjing version of "restriction" on Sunday, more than 1 sets of housing residents and has 2 houses of local people may not buy new houses, but buyers must hold a proof of purchase to subscribe, which makes many investors lose qualified buyers. Developers said that they accept the application deadline is Monday, at the time of enrollment statistics for 1241 people, due to the strict implementation of restriction measures, many applicants to give up the election room yaohao. According to official data released yesterday, the number of people involved in the housing Yaohao 929 people, the initiative to give up the number of people for the number of 312, equivalent to have been eliminated by 1/4". The night before the opening of the Jiangbei Real Estate Binjiang agile international marketing said, the proportion of them Mopai in almost before the opening, the original number of more than and 700 from the group, the remaining 477 groups eventually meet the conditions, be "brush off" buyers also accounted for about 30%. Liuhe 3 sets of check-out unmanned abandoned the purchase of 3 sets of check-out Jiangbei Liuhe registration number is also a lot of Longhu Peninsula Rongsheng a set of 76 square meters of housing 1422 people signed up, the price of less than 6500 yuan square meters, the market of second-hand housing more than 10000 yuan, also check out two sets of Liuhe there were 542 people and 81 people sign up. It is interesting that the registration of these 3 sets of Liuhe house buyers actually did not give up, it should be with the purchase of Liuhe is not within the scope of the relevant 2045. Reporters noted that the Jiangbei high tech Zone Hong Yang time also have a set of houses is popular, area of only 62.35 square meters, priced 14889 yuan square meters, cheaper than the market price of 1000 yuan square meters, suitable for just need buyers, the original registration number is 55. Due to the Pukou area in the restricted area, 55 people have to give up the wave number of 16 people, and ultimately only participate in the wave number of 39 people. In addition, a set of hotel style apartment 3 square meters in the Hexi Plaza, there are a total of six people abandoned the purchase, Jiangning lake garden a set of rough apartment of 1 people signed up and clinch a deal. Insiders pointed out that the purchase order, although there are a lot of people who have been sold out, but nearly a thousand people snapped up a set of facts to check out the hexi.相关的主题文章: