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My girlfriend is ill transferred to ICU ward to propose guy Beijing – the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) 3 days before 9 in the morning, quiet Beijing you ICU hospital liver disease ward, rang out a burst of applause and cheers. A young boy on one knee, holding flowers are lying on the bed of the girl to marry him. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the girl due to illness will be transferred to the ICU, in order to let his girlfriend more courage to fight against the disease, the boy in the staff secret cover and help, planning the proposal. Mandy is a beautiful girl of 20 years old, suffering from acute liver failure, thrombocytopenia, mild encephalopathy (hepatic encephalopathy) and uncertain, due to illness, will be transferred to the intensive ICU. Her boyfriend, 24 year old child sensitive sick in hospital, he has never abandon, all the way from the field to accompany beside the bed, give meticulous care. In order to make to ICU Mandy more courage to fight against disease, Mandy’s boyfriend decided to marry her "conspiracy". The young man told the director of the idea, in order to round the dream of the young people, all the staff in the Department of liver disease and critical care medicine, decided to help them to complete this sacred and touching moment. 3 in the morning, just under the night shift nurse Wang Xia, Li Fangfang did not go home immediately, but with the head nurse Yun Yun, together with the couple to marry the proposed layout of the scene of the. In order to keep secret, we only tell small caliber caliber office to do activities to borrow the ward. You’an deputy chief of the ICU hospital liver disease, Yu Hongwei on behalf of the general staff sent a blessing for this kind of heart-shaped cake wedding, family bought balloons, we have different division of labor, the ward layout into warm and happy marriage site. At this time, Mandy still do not know, after a while, a dedicated to her moving ceremony is about to be staged here. At 9:30, the guy holding flowers, holding the ring, the handsome appeared in front of Mandy, played at the beginning of the touching scene. When Xiao Min excitedly say that "good" word, the two hugged tightly, the scene of the family members and medical staff are also moving to warm applause and blessing. From this news, all the staff of Beijing You’an Hospital severe liver disease medicine did all they could, to help the adversity of young people, to prepare a gift, plan, setting the scene, participation, help boys and girls round dreams. Family members are also excited: the hospital is not only active in the treatment of small disease, but also help us round the dream! Thank you too much!" A different kind of proposal, a different ceremony, touched everyone in the ward. In preparation for the proposed medical staff said: "the disease is cruel, but the face of illness, we never flinch. Hope with love and blessing, and each patient side by side." Beijing Yu an hospital相关的主题文章: