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Mount Sanqingshan, United States want to derail the Sohu By flu "tourism text @ WeChat qlg920 [authentic love flu] order in China’s Jiangxi Province, northeast of Shangrao, there is a Hunqianmengrao people, the spring here is pink, Manshan azalea, floral fragrance, picturesque summer is here; the green stream, Bitou, Castle peak, cool and pleasant; autumn here is red, the red maple, brick tiles, sitting here; winter is white, snow, sparkling, snow world. This place is Mount Sanqingshan. According to the introduction, Mount Sanqingshan by Yu Jing, Yu Xu, Yuhua three peak JUNBA, like Taoism Yuqing, the supernatant, Tai Qingsan supreme god fathers sit upon the name. Here is the world geological park, here known as "the best in all the land mountains." Qifeng rocks, clouds, pines and cypresses, Buddha wind stone rhyme, forming Mount Sanqingshan’s beauty… So…, I embarked on a tour to Mount Sanqingshan, to see her fragrance. Unexpectedly, she is beautiful: three days, want to derail the Sanqing mountain blue as well ~ ~ spotless, Sanqingshan leaves, Yan to indulge in self-admiration ~ Sanqingshan trees, lush green, Sanqing Road, bent to the cloud that Sanqing mountains multiply and streams double back, such as gauze and light, with no reality whatever. Sometimes the cloud waterfall flow! Of course, those adorable elves, let me linger…… Thus fell in love with Mount Sanqingshan! [traffic] travel to Jiangxi high-speed rail Yushan station (there are a lot of city bus) – 3 yuan to Yushan bus station – bus 17 yuan to Mount Sanqingshan Jinsha cableway station (way Sanqing Lake) Lake Xiuse Sanqing (if enough time, can play back the way fine Sanqing mountain Sanqing about an island lake. Go here on the land of idyllic beauty look, is not open to traffic, only the boat, you can enjoy authentic Sanqing Lake wild fish). [Mount Sanqingshan] the slow travel can choose a day and two days, in order to carefully experience, consideration is two days, one night in the mountains. Turn the mountain line: Day 1 Jinsha cableway around the Mountain South Qing landscaped area (Penguin Xian peach Oriental Goddess mountain Python million wat overturned Shi Yuantiao jade jade Jingfeng Tengu moon horse laugh Ziya fishing) — after the first day, tour scenic Wan Park (sea lions Omotesando Ping Bu Xu Bridge Mochizuki rhino Shizuru Tome road pawn to worship Guanyin appreciating music — live by the early 2) Day ladder Yunling Liu Xia Taiwan tour of the West Coast (along an altitude of 3600 meters along the cliff to enjoy shining into the sea at Qinglong general a solemn pledge of love yu Xu Feng Guanyin king Xianbao) – three blessed (taste of Taoist Culture — Deng Yu Jingfeng) — Sunshine Coast (Acacia lovers crossing Xianqiao the platform overlooking the Yuhua peak osong Panlong Buyun bridge) — South Sea Dragon Qing Garden (Fox eating chicken civet to rats Return to the golden sands. Fast 9 points before we came to the gate: Mount Sanqingshan golden gate before the gossip figure, people do not have to feel the mountain into Dao Wen!相关的主题文章: