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More than and 40 ministerial level tiger trial who has the longest corruption? Before and after the national day of the National People’s Congress, Sohu, the judiciary ushered in a round of "tiger" centralized prosecution, the trial of a small climax. Yesterday Bai Enpei’s verdict shows that from 2000 to 2013, he used the Qinghai provincial Party committee, Secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party committee, the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, deputy director of the identity, for the benefit of others, directly or through his accepting property, a total of nearly 247 million yuan. Bai Enpei engage in corruption as long as 14 years, the average annual bribery 17 million 640 thousand, even as the National People’s Congress deputy director of the Environmental Protection Committee under the jurisdiction of the authority of a relatively small post, still not close hand, is enough to fight. Although he is in the amount of corruption on the top spot, but at the time, people are more durable. Also yesterday, prosecutors formally Zhou Benshun, Yang Dongliang prosecution. Zhou was accused as secretary of Shaoyang Municipal Committee, standing committee of Hunan provincial Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Deputy Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, the Secretary General of the Central Committee, deputy director of the Hebei provincial Party committee, illegally accepting huge property. From 1995 Zhou Benshun served as secretary of Shaoyang municipal Party committee, to the fall of 2015, span up to 21 years. Yang was accused of acting as deputy mayor of Tianjin, executive vice mayor, Secretary General of the State Administration of work safety, illegally accepting huge amounts of property. He was vice mayor of Tianjin in 2001, sacked in 2015, a total of 15 years. After introduced the oil in the former general manager Liao Yongyuan from November 1996 when the Tarim Oilfield command deputy commander at the start of the money, to March 2015, for a period of 18 years. According to the indictment the prosecution and the court verdict, corruption time governor of Chang’an Avenue APP also combed nearly 40 provincial-level "tiger". The name of the original post corruption time at the ministerial level SASAC director Jiang Jiemin 2004-2013 Liu Zhijun, Minister of Railways Li Chongxi 1986-2011, chairman of the CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Public Security Deputy Minister 2007-2013 2007.3-2012.2 Li Shen Weichen Chinese Association party secretary 1992-2014 vice ministerial wanqingliang Guangdong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Guangzhou 2000-2014 Wang Min Shandong provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Ji’nan municipal Party committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Wang Suyi 2004-2014 the United Front minister 2005-2013 Liu Tienan, the national development and Reform Commission deputy director of the national energy secretary 2002-2012 Yang Gang of the CPPCC Economic Committee, deputy director of the 1998.4-2012 in the second half of Ji Wenlin vice governor of Hainan Province, the second half of 2000, -2013.1 Qiwei Tan, deputy director of Chongqing people’s Congress 1998-2014 Shanxue Du Shanxi provincial Party committee, vice governor of Yunnan and 2003-2013 Vice president, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee of Zhejiang province CPPCC 2008-2015 Si Xinliang 2001-2014 Chunhua Hebei provincial Party committee, Secretary General 2001-2.相关的主题文章: