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Money is right! Jane Zhang MV style a little bad Sina entertainment miss Jane Zhang’s column boiled watermelon housework is a bit confusing, but playing music is more reliable. Originally claimed to spend $4 million to break through the international new album finally came out, the silver in the end hit worth? The English single "Dust My Shoulders Off", released in October 28th, MV proved one thing, to spend money on a career! Yes! By! 3 minutes of MV appeared a total of 12 paintings painted on seamless, playing Jane Zhang was still in his face, plays 8 roles in the painting. In addition to the acting of the heroine is very exaggerated, the MV is regarded as a western art appreciation class. Unexpectedly, this is a need for popular science MV. The MV story is said to have a working visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Chicago has been complaining about the boss. This is a picture on the wall is on behalf of the American painter Edward Hope as "night" (Edward Hopper Nighthawks), is now in the Art Institute of Chicago. When the camera is getting closer, we can play a game for everyone to leave. ". There was a red lady in the picture, the cup was still in place, and the painting was still moving…… Ghost story?. The man who opened the door was Jane Zhang, who was wearing a red dress. Yes, she began to work in the. There’s another picture on the wall of this very art cell restaurant. Yes, the bearded man in the picture…… Jane Zhang is also playing. This can all be seen as a self portrait of Van Gogh (Vincent Willem van Gogh). He painted more than and 40 self portraits in his lifetime, which is said to have been painted by Van Gogh during his time at the nursing home to prove his mental state. Van Gogh’s ear was bitten by a boxer in the MV (presumably Tyson was not happy…) But in fact Van Gogh cut his own ears. The third picture is the French painter Miller "Gleaners" (Jean Fran? OIS Millet – Des glaneuses). In the middle of the woman is Jane Zhang, she is not only the clothes and painting in different, but also completely unlike a working woman, and why two people next to each other with a black umbrella? Because she is playing "the girl wearing a Pearl Earring", is the seventeenth Century Holland painter Johannes Vermeer’s works. The picture can be big, 300 years after the British writer Tracey Chevrolet looked at the picture after the deep feeling, then use your imagination to write a touching love story, 2003 Scarlett Johnson also starred in the film adaptation of the novel according to the. Fifth pieces of paintings by Jane Zhang is a perfect copy of Andrew and the American realist painter "Christina’s world" (A)相关的主题文章: