Mid Autumn Festival to eat fat That is not photoelectric seconds thin walk up! plants war

Mid Autumn Festival to eat fat? That is not "photoelectric seconds thin" walk up! Lead: A4 waist, legs, hands iphone6 a coin and micro-blog swept the circle of friends, the Mid Autumn Festival, you can escape these dazzling new thin routine, but baby don’t be afraid! Even if you don’t shut up the tube, Maibu Kai legs, but you have a BA sister, and I have a "second photoelectric thin" law! (source: bazaar) Mid Autumn Festival reunion men of God who called you to eat moon cakes! Well, this mid autumn festival, Barbara sister happy, not only because Wu Yifan wished me "happy reunion". Aarif Lee also made the mid autumn feast, although this is a table of the night "poison", but how such a "poison", who do not want to eat! There are also the key to remind my brother, don’t forget to eat moon cake oh ~But… Just listen to the words of the male god, sister you are not holiday eat more? Long fat? Don’t be afraid and don’t worry, there’s no diet Ba sister do not exercise the second speed diet Oh well here, I know you don’t have power to exercise to lose weight then we’ll hurry to "second photoelectric thin"! Hot plastic: ultrasonic knife thin circles tried facial ultrasound knife people may have feelings, not only face lift, but will feel less fat, hot plastic ultrasonic knife is actually body version of the heat is generated by high intensity focused ultrasound, precise role in the subcutaneous fat layer of 1.3 cm at the same time, permanently destroying fat, stimulate new collagen, make skin after treatment is smooth and elastic. The treatment process is not easy, injection, not operation, does not affect the normal life and work, can be applied to the waist and abdomen, thighs and buttocks, one treatment, one hour, can effectively reduce the size of a treatment site. Q: what is the specific operation method? For each of the parts of about 1 hours, without anesthetic, supplemented by digital first calibration in the treatment position line, apply gel coupling agent, can according to the drawing of the "coordinate" probe one by one treatment, in order to ensure the effect of the same treatment site need to repeat 3~6 times. Q: what kind of obesity does it work for? Fat layer thickness of the treated area must reach 1 cm, about 2.5 cm thick skin pinch, to treatment, the fat layer thickness is not up to the people who do not fit, and the fat layer too hypertrophy a treatment effect may not be so ideal. Q: how long does it take to see the effect? Because fat cells are destroyed after a period of time to be able to remove the metabolism of the body, so probably after 12~18 weeks to see the obvious effect, of course, can not be overeating. Germagi: let the body body against the growth of Germagi is the lady class anti-aging treatment instrument is very familiar with the beauty of women, against the face, especially around the eyes and jaw relaxation and wrinkles, make the skin more compact. But you know what? In fact, the whole body can pass it to "rejuvenescent". The use of physical therapy probe of high energy high frequency electric conduction to the skin, produce collagen contraction effect, causing immediate skin firming effect, and stimulate the skin collagen and restructuring, to achieve a lasting skin latifiya ~相关的主题文章: