Mianyang man drunk playing 4 cars smashed The heavenly maids scatter blossoms. (map) (video) www.gpsoo.net

Mianyang man drunk playing "4 cars smashed The heavenly maids scatter blossoms." (Figure) said this stuff wine, drink for drink but it is not a good thing. You still don’t believe, this is a negative example brother lord. In September 22nd 11 pm, Mianyang (micro-blog) three in the three village of Pengmou had returned home after completely drunken, heard his wife nagging him, Jiujin and wild, and his wife had a big fight, do not say, but also to smash things. What flower pots, chairs, pots and pans, all throw out of the window. Wait, that’s five floor! The play is The heavenly maids scatter blossoms.? The drunk is terrible. Pengmou is happy, but a few cars parked downstairs can be devastated. You see the car, bother anyone, so smashed several large holes. Fortunately no one downstairs, no catastrophe. The police rushed to the scene after the alarm, Pengmou and surrounding residents still quarrel, the police immediately stepped forward to stop. This time Pengmou is "wine strong over people Dan", who advised not to listen to, and even the police scuffle. In desperation, the police had to take compulsory measures to summon according to law, the area seized and turned over to the police station, the sober after further investigation. According to statistics, there are two car window glass damage seriously, and the other two body slightly damaged. (reporter: Zhang Hao: fee Shuai correspondent Gong Hui) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading truck plate in the car and smashed down springing back相关的主题文章: