Media said Trump pick up to 95% chance to win a number of key states coinwatch

The media said Trump victory chance rose to 95% won several key states of the original title: New Zealand predicted that Trump won the probability rose to 95% won several key states local time on November 8th, Trump appeared in New York for his vote, accompanied by wife Rania mei. In new network on 9 November, according to the "New York Times" forecast, 8 local time, U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Trump in the 2016 presidential election has won more than 200 votes, the victory chance from voting at the beginning of the 4 soared to 95%. An hour ago, the timing of the New York Trump prediction is still around 80%. Trump road race optimistic, take Florida, Ohio and other key swing states, the latest situation called the win in North Carolina, has received 216 votes; Hilary won in the traditional ticket bunker California, currently with 197 votes behind temporarily. "The Wall Street journal" Chinese network analysis, Trump has reversed the situation, the election is very close. Trump won the Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, which caused Hilary great pressure, she must keep those traditionally democratic states, and now she can keep Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin is hard to say. Trump only need to win a few in this state, can let Hilary go to the edge of the election. Analysis pointed out that the current two people have the hope to win. Nevada and New Hampshire, where these two states are not large, are now becoming more and more important. Trump is expected to win the state, he did not lose, but also won several election close to the state. Hilary’s win over Colorado and Virginia, although not all the advantages, but if she can in the Midwest to stop the pace of victory in the footsteps of Trump, there is still a chance to win. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: