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Grand Master: cross-strait relations like love at the end of the big man, girl Taiwan Grand Master of the Chinese civil war in 1949, millions of people from Chinese provinces gathered, the southeast side of the island. Among them, a young man in Yangzhou, the family twice torn in war. 11 years old, his father went missing in the war against Japan, he failed to find the father with the mother, let a son for food and clothing; at the age of 23, and brought to Taiwan, see more than and 80 year old mother, already 37 years later. After nearly 70 years of peaceful times, enough to make the two generation of life in root; monk flourishing and disciples in the high screen at the junction of the side of the mountain, the establishment of Taiwan’s largest Buddhist temple, the temple more than 200 worldwide. In August this year, the nebula is full 90 years old, has 50 years of Fo Guang Shan mountains. First to the end of the year, the exhibition, Lantern Festival, concerts and other activities, full of tourists at home and abroad to visit the car in a continuous line, the atmosphere is happy birthday. But never love nebula’s birthday, every birthday, disappear to avoid life". But 90 years old, still help believers he published "Tao" and "nebula Nebula shadow" to commemorate the set two. "The way of the nebula" is the vision of the world’s cultural cause of the founder of the high school for the first time to write a book. The book also included high u and vision · the world culture group asked Wang Lihang to the wonderful dialogue pedestrian nebula. "Shadow" is a nebula record of six overseas Chinese and world leaders, including the exclusive images of glass workshop founder Zhang Yi, Yang Huishan, China well-known writer Yu Qiuyu, innovation works founder Li Kaifu and Nebula interactive et al. The lives of these people are greatly influenced by the nebula. Compared with other Buddhist sects, the nebula method closer to the secular world demand. He says early on TV, now fokuangshan Facebook fans nearly 250 thousand people; his writings of the 320 Dharma, weighing 135 kilograms, light is the directory that is like a thick dictionary. He is suffering from eye diseases created after a word, have been exhibited in a number of art galleries, the annual Spring Festival couplets sent millions of copies. Childhood because of the war out of school, the bell Nebula education, had founded more than and 50 schools, awarded more than and 30 honorary doctorates and professorships. The life extension Nebula method, is to keep pace with the times, deeply at home all the "world buddhism". "Buddhism is not the narrow religion, culture and education, it is almost it is education, but also an art, it is music, it is also, it what to do," observed high u friendship with him for many years. Do all things, so everywhere soon. Fo Guang Shan believers millions, across five continents, with many scholar. Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian was painting donated to the nebula, the nebula after the auction, raising funds; Nobel prize winner Mo Yan, who with their families in the living Buddha memorial hall; innovation works founder Li Kaifu cancer, take up the hill to find nebula "life and death credits; even my primary school education long uniform in recent years was full of sound and colour management in the beginning of the nebula is also the founder of. He advanced in age, twice after the war, now most want to remain on both sides of the border. Therefore, in October this year will be held in the fifth session of the international forum for the nebula, the theme is his own decision, "where is the future of Taiwan?" In an interview with "vision"相关的主题文章: