Master log seal the demon word Lutianhua accelerated shrinking market for post change disk

Master log: seal the demon word Lutianhua accelerated shrinking market waiting for the delivery order and operation record after variable welcome attention to our fist column "master" there will be a combat log hailun master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scan two-dimensional code to watch in real time last night to rehabilitation, in the stock pool also write more clearly, Lutianhua completely seal the demon, the relay of Sichuan Shuangma market in September second to become a dark horse, since the stock has become the soul of the market today continue to observe its performance can be. A collection of early stage, although Lutianhua is not a small sell-off, but outside the capital to chase high enthusiasm, which is a collection of the greatest amount of all day long, then shrinking sealing stability, smooth seal means Lutianhua board, not surprisingly, the national day back in or near the opening limit. Since the total market leading sealed, and then the word yinglite assists, Hechi chemical and Wuchang fish also have rushed in action. Money effect is very good, at least in this forum yesterday are making money, and even super rotten boards have rushed Hainan Coconut Island today 5 points higher performance. My hands for treatment of Hechi chemical industry, because it is the head board of Foshan Jihua six road closed, I judged he would zapan today about 5 points, according to estimates should be set up a pen, then in 5% out, I wait him out, stayed in Hechi chemical industry when nearly 8% out of. This judgment was also just follow the trend, even if the sealing plate can easily lead to rotten boards second days without what meat, so is ascribed to the operation. For sudawei operation, first in 30.85 to buy 5000 shares, then in the afternoon 31.06 points to sell 5000 shares, the price today do not much, the main reason is the big fluctuation was significantly reduced. The exchange rate also fell. At half past two in the afternoon after the big wave pulse, but due to the lack of sustained pay, stock price fall back down, when I hit 31.01 points in 15000 shares. In fact, this price is to break the single, I deliberately lowered the price of the big drop down, in order to be low back to. The stock closed at 30.88, I was closer to the selling price, so did not buy, such as the festival. Today the T process, the first part is bought after the sale, the second part is the process after the first sale to buy. T do not have the law, to see the rhythm of the disk to go. Market outlook judgment: the monster is monster, riding is large, even after a suit is a great profit. After October the market began to look for a monster, riding a demon, the optimistic outlook of the national market speculation demon.   note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. Xing introduction: 12 years of age. In any private company as a trader, investment company as a researcher. Now engaged in the development of Internet stocks, financial products. Good subject stock speculation. Could not find a hot, catch Niugu? WeChat public number hailun master log [CAOPANRIZHI], micro signal: 2 million years to make every firm catch Niugu cattle scattered and fried demo monster, you change the miserable fried;相关的主题文章: