Masked men late at night to pry the car was monitored live ten minutes was arrested wetnwild

Masked men night to pry the car to be monitored live ten minutes they were arrested – Beijing suspects are prized stolen vehicle trunk. Police suspect is being used to figure out the stolen car stolen car. The police for map Beijing News (reporter Li Yutong) early in the morning, two men wearing masks broke into the Tongzhou district monitoring probe monitoring range, after 10 seconds, the probe, parked in the shadow of the black car lights flashed, patrol control staff feel suspicious, will probe closer, faintly visible someone black car trunk for goods. More than and 10 minutes later, two mask man hands behind the back, the police are out of shadows, risking police. Yesterday, the Tongzhou police, since the beginning of winter, relying on video patrol control system, Tongzhou Public Security Bureau police station arrested several suspects for nakakura. The vehicle was broadcast live in November 1st 3 in the morning, the Tongzhou District Park District Deshang before unusual two "masked Tahan" caused by the police on duty patrol control personnel. In the video, two men wearing dark clothes walk along the streets and other pedestrians, visible in the video, two people walk and look around, sometimes standing in the parked vehicle front windshield at the front car, sometimes lying directly in the window peeping inward, pulling the door from time to time. See this suspicious circumstances, patrol officers immediately informed patrol police rushed to the scene. After a while, two suspects disappeared in the monitor, patrol control personnel will be pulled to the maximum multiple picture focus in search of suspects, after about 10 seconds, the screen in a car parked in the shade of the black sedan suddenly lights flashed, patrol control personnel will probe alignment car, found hidden in the dark about visible door was opened. After a few seconds, the suspect to shut the door, around the car trunk, and the trunk will be opened, wanton rummage. A few minutes later, police rushed to the scene, at this time, the suspect has completed the theft of black cars, ready to leave. The police car parked nearby, police stalking, after will want to escape, a suspect Cheng Jo arrested two people, seized the tools of crime a flashlight. After appearing in court, the suspects confessed, two years ago the inmates, had by smashing pry car theft has been held liable. After the recent release from prison, two people encounter, meet again the implementation of theft. Light car not hit the suspect said, "there are several theft hit several hit, light car not hit, because one can see the car there is nothing, but the car owners think dark posted strong privacy, love to put things in the car, so the car to escape the dark general car smashed doom. Suspected person, high-end cars and low-grade cars not hit, staring at the mid-range car; the car clean not hit, a cluttered car 80% has a careless owner, easy personal items left behind in the car. Some careless owners will forget to lock the car, so the suspect will pull the door before the start. In addition, the hanging jewelry car rearview mirror, in block up set of mahogany, olive, seeds, and Bodhi string will be Tian hand suspects committing the crime goal. Tongzhou – link control patrol team this year more than 570 "thief".相关的主题文章: