Man robbed red packets lost money borrowed to colleagues mobile cash windjview

The function of man was to grab a red envelope more and lost money borrowed cash now colleagues more powerful mobile phone mobile phone, online banking, Alipay payment function provides a lot of convenience for people, without cash, you can stay at home consumption, however, so convenient also brought great security risks. Recently, working in Wujiang for mobile phone by ODA led to his loss of more than 30 thousand yuan. Mobile phone is borrowed, the owner actually do not mind a few days later, they found that 30 thousand had been transferred out of work in the Development Zone in September 12th, 24 year old boy in Shaanxi first came to the police station alarm, Alipay and his credit card abnormal transaction, had been transferred out of 30 thousand yuan. After inquiry, ODA on the evening of September 8th, the mobile phone to lend his roommate and fellow Cheng, Cheng said he built a group, to the red envelopes in the group, by the mobile phone in the ODA to grab a red envelope, ODA did not think to put a mobile phone to a certain way, then go to the night shift the. The second day back to the dormitory, the process is gone, the phone is not in, and after the two day of a certain process has not appeared, asked to come down to know the resignation of a process. The mobile phone has gone to ODA also does not matter, there is no alarm, directly to the operating room to go through the mobile phone card. Until September 11th, he used to buy a new mobile phone online banking login, found the evening of September 8th, credit card has four pen consumption expenditure, the total amount of 23510 yuan, while Alipay also in the evening there are two into the amount of a total of 11200 yuan, but not long after the 10 thousand yuan has been turned out, the ODA was reported to the police. Because grab red lost money, moving from the labor contract and personal information on the mobile phone to "borrow" colleagues crooked brains using cash, police addiction accepted the case and investigation immediately, on the way to a dispatched, on September 25th in a cafe in Suzhou Wuzhong successfully arrested a certain way, summoned to the police station for investigation. A 27 year old, and is a fellow of ODA and a colleague at the beginning of a process is not recognized, but the police to the mobile phone in a certain way Xiaotian found a way to explain to the police in detail their ODA cash all through the mobile phone. It is at the beginning of September, Cheng is indeed because of the need to grab envelopes by mobile phone to ODA, the next few days as long as ODA to the night shift will put the mobile phone in the process of playing through him somewhere. The evening of September 8th, a red grab lost 500 yuan, happened to see a way to have a labor contract on the table above Xiaotian, Xiaotian’s personal information, the process of a thought if you can try to use Alipay’s personal information ODA loans. In order not to let the other members of the same dormitory to see his little tricks, Cheng secretly took the Oda’s personal data came to the parking lot, sitting on a broken sofa to implement its own strategy. Cheng first opened the ODA Alipay, via SMS verification code with sesame credit loan of 10400 yuan, the money transferred to the ODA bank card, a mobile phone bank then put the money into his bank card. Then use the Alipay open rational software, obtained 800 yuan, continue to turn away. In a way this is unable to stop, and think before with ODA do a construction bank credit card, credit card can hear remote cash decisions.相关的主题文章: