Man 2 to power AB wearing camouflage ” many sister “! (video)

"Man 2" to power? AB wearing camouflage " many sister "! Micro-blog recently exposed a "Reuters", is our power power is called a "real man recorded 2" show photo power power wearing a military uniform than a smile scissors in hand, it is pure and lovely! However, the large power power in private is very fond of camouflage items! And when it comes to camouflage, but this year’s fashion show highlight, camouflage skirt, camouflage camouflage jacket, T Qi battle, this "lost sister" trend, you come with? Users exposed "2" real man "Reuters" according to Dsquared2 2016 winter series Dsquared2 2016 winter dress series inspired by the ancient warrior, back to the Vitoria times, and add many Samurai elements. White loose T-shirt collocation curling camouflage pants, showing women’s independent bold, without the fear of things the attitude of Yang Mi Baby autumn explosion again swept from the clothing resolution "all" girl power power with this "sister fan wind" to the cyclone could not stop! The power of power recently at the airport is also very eye-catching, silver skirt collocation, camouflage shoes not only obvious color white, also make the body looks not top-heavy collocation! Song Jia used a stamp sweater skirt collocation camouflage, collocation this dark lines look cool! Joana Almagro Khaki Alexander sling camouflage skirt Mcqueen single shoulder bag 4 Miseno red earrings. Gianvito Rossi heels camouflage coat only squeeze the spring talent to wear? Baby and Kendall also laicourenao! Baby with a black and black skirt collocation letter T as a camouflage jacket, she was out of the small fresh feeling the power of the power of a black crop ~ Top + high waist skirt, wear loose version of camouflage coat, just roll up their sleeves can make you look cute and fashionable! Kendall Camo Baseball Jacket with a crop in top legging on Universal Sports collocation, white shoes, but also have a different kind of sexy style. Emma Roberts selected high waisted shorts as tight straps + the ride, then put the camouflage suit not only fashionable look tall and spicy, only 1 meters tall and 58 of her, himself out of 1 meters 8 rhythm! Lily Aldridge with black Tee and slim jeans, collocation camouflage suit, leisure is also very cool! Lily Aldridge will also camouflage coat collocation black dress coat cuff rolled up at will, then a shining love crisp shoulder, wear it can take minutes to god! The Raw Hem Escalier camouflage jacket denim shorts Prada single shoulder bag Dr. Martens velvet Martin boots Beckham sunglasses. Victoria相关的主题文章: