Main Street Marketing Machine – Release

Business The Small Business .munity has long been under-served and Mike Koenig, Founder of Traffic Geyser, has set out to change that with the release of Main Street Marketing Machine. The launch of the service is due out on Friday, April 23, 2010. Multiple streams of in.e is what all successful network marketers achieve and master. It is usually a feat that very few achieve also, the overwhelming majority earn a few hundred in in.e per month. You may be asking, OK, so what’s the answer? Implement an Attraction Marketing System that fits you and your business such as Article, Forum, PPC, SEO, Social Media or Video Marketing etc;which along with Tips, Tools, Reviews of .panies and Industry Leaders is what Learn With Mario Garcia is dedicated to providing you. Consistent with that mission, I want to make sure that you get the latest information on an exclusive sneak-peak video that Mike Koenig sent out, regarding more details surrounding the release of Main Street Marketing Machine System. A recent survey of 50,000 in which 75% of folks focused on making extra in.e on-line responded, 75% ranked themselves as Inter. Business Owners with Intermediate to Advanced skills, in existence for north of two years and disclosed an average earnings from their on-line businesses of less than $1,000. There are 29.6 Million Small Businesses in the US that account for fueling 50% of America’s economy. Now, here is where it gets really interesting. According to Ad-Ology, 46% of Small Business Owners Do Not have a web site and 60% of those, plan on spending the same amount on advertising as they did in 2008; 26% want spend even more and 69% of those businesses want to spend their money on on-line advertising. Only 1 in 38 Inter. Marketers spend time with Main Street Small Businesses and that leads to two, critically important conclusions: 1. Main Street Small Businesses are drastically under served. 2. That reality creates a Huge Opportunity for You to make more Bottom Line Profit by leveraging your skills to help those 13.6 Million Small Businesses that don’t even have a website. Why do Small Businesses need help anyway? These Business Owners invest their time, efforts and education on specializing and being a trusted adviser in their niche. Their businesses’ survival hinges on good service, referral business, walk in traffic and the ineffective yellow pages advertisement. If you ask them if they would like more traffic via the Inter., they will know what you are talking about and get excited about the possibilities. What stops them, is that they do not have any idea what to do or how to get started. If you asked them, what is a Landing Page, an Auto Responder, Blogging or their Best Converting Keyword, they would look at you as if you had three heads. They use Google and do not have a clue on how to leverage it for their business. They want and need help because they do not have a fraction of the knowledge that you have and are willing to pay you for it. So how do you mo.ize this new found market when you may not have any experience working with Small Businesses? The answer is the Business in a Box, Biz-box. The Biz-box is a Marketing Automation System that is paint by numbers easy and will turn you into a Main Street Marketing Factory. The concept is known as, "Do It For ME Marketing", created to have the Small Businesses seek and hunt you down for help. The professional and powerful pre made Marketing Materials will finally show you what true Push Button Marketing is all about. Tune in for additional details as they continue to be released. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: