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Magican Software Redesigns Its App To Be.e More Mac-friendly By: magican | Jun 14th 2012 – "��We have redesigned our logo, website and app UI to make it more Mac style and more easy to use,"�� said Emma Lynne, market manager for Magican Software LTD Tags: Lynne Millar : Cultivating A Reading Culture By: Lynne Millar | Dec 22nd 2011 – Cultivating a reading culture has be.e one of the most top priorities for many people the world over. Normally, reading an interesting book can satisfy very much while at the same time providing you information that is beyond what you .e throughout day-to-day. It’s however important to understand that reading is not su … Tags: The Best Way Of Organizing The Home Rockford By: Lynne Marie Twigg | Oct 17th 2011 – It is very necessary to organize the home and the surrounding; otherwise it won"��t be easy for you to carry on your work properly. Organising the home is not an easy thing, but can easily be ac.plished by a professional. Tags: The Journey Child Artist To Britney Spears By: A. Symonds | Jul 23rd 2011 – Britney Spears was born to Lynne Irene and James Parnell Spears on the 2nd of December, 1981. She was named Britney Jean Spears. Even as a child, stage and performing was nothing new to her. Tags: Why Should You Go For Skin Rejuvenation? By: Adolph Paul | Nov 17th 2010 – Every one of us has the right to look and feel good. Care of oneself should be top priority for everyone. But most of us fail to do that for obvious reasons of course. Living in this fast paced world and running the rat race have made us so oblivious of ourselves. Tags: Advanced Garden Design By: Paul Garate | Aug 19th 2010 – It’s not often that you see an immaculate showpiece garden that ac.modates the needs of three lively children without .promising the design. Yet with this family garden, designer Lynne Marcus has succeeded in creating a beautiful space, boasting impeccable structural bones and gorgeous planting that also doubles up as a … Tags: Do You Want Success In Your Internet Business? By: Lynne Hickey | Mar 6th 2010 – If you’ve ever wondered why you aren’t moving up the Search Engines, this helpful insight might just be the answer. And if you thought you knew all the keywords and phrases relevant to your business,then think again. Tags: Keys To Creating Wealth By: Lynne Hickey | Feb 18th 2010 – Are you struggling to make money? Is your website getting the hits it deserves? I can give you the edge and set you on the road to the sort of lifestyle you richly deserve. Read just part of one of the strategies you can easily put into practice to turn your life around and don’t be fooled into thinking this is just hype, t … Tags: Think, Be"��.e By: kishorehari | Nov 15th 2009 – Lynne McTaggart, head of The Intention Experiment, is a journalist and the author of five books, though most famous for her two bestsellers, "��The Field"�� and "��The Intention Experiment"��. She is also an internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality. Tags: 5 Ways To Prepare For An Awesome Author Interview By: Lynne Klippel | Aug 17th 2009 – Building a funnel of information products related to your book is a very smart business strategy. One of the most important parts of that product funnel is a free item that you give to your website visitors in exchange for their name, email address, and permission to maintain on-going contact. … Tags: Creating A Realistic Timeline For Your Book By: Lynne Klippel | Aug 17th 2009 – If I plan to write a book, how much time will it take? That question is one of the most frequent ones submitted on my website. Since new authors have never written a book, it is almost impossible for them to determine a good time-line. Tags: Give Your Book Readers The Opportunity To Ask For More By: Lynne Klippel | Jul 28th 2009 – Successful authors need a product funnel for their books. Simply put, a product funnel is a group of products and services, related to your book topic, that readers could purchase from you after they’ve read your book. If you want to really serve people with your message and create a livable in … Tags: The Book That Went Back To Amazon By: Lynne Klippel | Jul 27th 2009 – I love books, even when they are not perfect. However, I had to break down and return a book to Amazon this week. Let this article be a cautionary tale of what NOT to do with your book. Tags: 5 Ways To Make Your Book Editing Experience Better By: Lynne Klippel | Jul 19th 2009 – Many new authors are filled with fear of the editing process. They envision a witch with a red pen, gleefully butchering their precious manuscript. Actually, working with a professional book editor can be a richly rewarding and enjoyable experience, if you have the proper mind-set and preparation. Follow th … Tags: Is Your Author Photo A Turn-off? By: Lynne Klippel | Jul 19th 2009 – Several years ago, a brave woman told me that the photo on my book cover and website made me look old and boring. That stung! But she was right. I had new photos taken and noted a much more positive result. I love the photo on my website now and get positive .ments on it all the time. I’m still the same pe … Tags: When You Can’t Write: Tips For Authors Who Feel Stuck By: Lynne Klippel | Jul 15th 2009 – Many authors bog down somewhere in the middle of their books. They feel tired, bored, and disenchanted. It is normal to feel your energy and passion ebb when you get into the middle of your writing project. Almost every successful author has days when he or she doesn’t feel like writing. So wh … Tags: 8 Tips To Save Money On Makeup And Beauty Products By: Lynne Hagan | Dec 17th 2008 – Isn’t it true that there’s always a new makeup or beauty product that you simply must have? Many of us have made the mistake of wasting money on a product that we wound up not liking. Here are a few tips on how to save money on makeup and beauty products. Tags: Hairstyles For Gray Hair That Make You Look Younger By: Lynne Hagan | Nov 15th 2008 – You’ve made the bold decision to go gray. Now you think that you need to find a new hairstyle for gray hair. Wrong! Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t have a chic, trendy hairstyle. Here are a few tips on choosing the right hairstyle for your new look. Tags: Keeping A Young Mind By: Lynne Hagan | Nov 11th 2008 – As we get older the body goes through lots of changes. The most disturbing of these is losing mental acuity. But we don’t have to accept mental decline. There are things that we can do to keep our mind young. Tags: "i’m Sorry, You Have Breast Cancer" By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 30th 2008 – Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be devastating news. This feeling is reasonable; there’s no doubt about it cancer turns your world upside down. As a breast cancer survivor, I now know that we go through several psychological steps in dealing a breast cancer diagnosis. Tags: Top 10 Anti Aging Tips To Look And Feel Younger By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 29th 2008 – Many of us go into panic mode as we approach middle age. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find any one product or magic pill that will reverse the signs of aging. However, there are things that we can do that will help slow down the aging process and improve our quality of life. Tags: Anti Aging Makeup Tips To Look Younger By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 26th 2008 – It’s true. You can look younger than your years! Anti aging makeup is a very powerful tool when chosen and applied correctly. Follow these anti aging makeup tips and get ready to hear lots of .pliments! Tags: How Do I Find Anti Wrinkle Skin Care That Really Works? By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 22nd 2008 – How do we find anti wrinkle skin care that really works? Many of us make the same mistakes over and over again when choosing a product. Here are a few things that you should know before you buy your next product. Tags: Handle With Care, A True Classic From 5 Outstanding Musicians By: Martin Sejas | Oct 19th 2008 – The Traveling Wilburys were a supergroup .posed of George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison formed in the late 80s. They produced 2 albums and their first single "Handle With Care" is a timeless classic from 5 very talented musicians. Tags: Tips On How To Remember What You Forgot By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 17th 2008 – Sometimes we think that we may be losing our mind. Do you walk into a room and can’t remember why? How many times a day do you say "I forgot what I was doing". Here are a few tips that might help you remember. Tags: Going Gray And Looking Great By: Lynne Hagan | Oct 15th 2008 – Silver is in! Here are some gray hair color tips to look healthy, young and vibrant. Tags: Coaching Changes Life Perspective! By: Lynne Morrell | Aug 13th 2007 – What has jolted your life awake? For some people it is being laid off from a job, divorce, having a baby, or illness. You can decide to shift your perspective on all levels. Here are some tools that have pivoted my life to assist others in creating an inspired life. Tags: The Key To Peace By: Lynne Morrell | Aug 12th 2007 – The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus your energy on will grow larger. Are you putting your focus on what you want or on what you don’t want? Create a clear vision of what you want and begin experiencing it in your day to day life. Tags: Tapping Into Personal Motivation By: Lynne Morrell | Aug 12th 2007 – Does the word "Motivation" have a charge for you? The .mon thread for many of us is having behaviors that seem to undermine the desire to .plete something that we really want to do. Here are some ways to be honest with yourself about what you need to have in place to release the charge around how you motivate yourself. Tags: Flowing With Life’s Rhythms By: Lynne Morrell | Aug 12th 2007 – Could striving for life balance be reaching for an ideal which is an illusion? Find out if you’re just changing the rhythms of life. Tags: Bands Known By Initials By: Robert Benson | Jun 23rd 2007 – In rock �"’˜n’ roll history there have been many bands whose moniker and names were shortened and universally recognized by abbreviated lettered names. Let’s explore some popular initial nicknames of bands. Creedence Clearwater Revival (also known as CCR) began churning out classic rock �"’˜n’ roll sin … Tags: Mouth To Mouth Inks Management Deal With Joe Bretz By: Brian Lillquist | May 22nd 2007 – Mouth to Mouth — the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area rock band — has signed an exclusive management deal with Sound Bite management, co-founded by media marketing entrepreneurs Joe Bretz, David Blackford and Brian Lillquist. Tags: Boss From Hell – How To Regain Your Dignity, Respect And Self-esteem By: Robert Ritter | May 13th 2007 – We’ve all been there. The workplace bully. Sometimes it can make going to work downright misery. Now you can learn to turn the tables on the bully and make your life a lot easier. Tags: Caught In A Riptide Of Mortgage Debt With Rising Monthly Payments By: Dale Rogers | Feb 8th 2007 – When the nightly main stream television news leads with stories regarding mortgage foreclosures and down turning markets a viewer knows a trend has arrived. This is all backed up with data indicating the surge of properties on the market with mortgage foreclosures trending up as well. Various areas are experiencing more dow … Tags: How To Scrapbook: The Learning Process By: IPRWire Staff Writer | Dec 4th 2006 – If you have always wanted learn how to scrapbook and just haven’t found the time yet, you aren’t alone. There are many people out there who are just like you, who are just waiting to learn. You’ll find that everywhere you look there are opportunities to learn, you just have to pick and choose the right ones for you. You nee … Tags: Finding Great Scrapbooking Ideas By: IPRWire Staff Writer | Dec 4th 2006 – Are you an avid scrapper always looking for new scrapbooking ideas? Are you bored with your current layout ideas and you need some serious inspiration to make the next book and the next page look better than the rest? This is something that a lot of individuals who are into scrapbooking struggle with from time to time. It’s … Tags: You Are Invited To The Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding! By: Helen Goldstein | Jul 27th 2006 – Why Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is one of the most popular, longest-lasting Las Vegas shows. Tags: Are Readers Important To Authors? By: Dee Power | May 28th 2006 – Bestselling authors speak of their fans in almost reverential tones, as well they should. A loyal readership that .es back for more, book after book, is the real key to long-term publishing success. Savvy authors work diligently to produce great work that will continue to please their audience, but many of them also .mu … Tags: Write On Your Business Card By: dave4 | Apr 10th 2006 – Like the majority of sales people, I visit a huge number of clients and prospects every month, some end up buying some do not, but every single one of them has my business card. Tags: Cool Summer Soup Recipes – A Food Processor And 10 Minutes Is All You Need By: Lynne Birch | Mar 27th 2006 – Summer is .ing and so is the hot weather. Nobody likes to cook in the heat of summer. A really hot meal on a hot day is almost as unpopular. It could be that a cool, easy to prepare summer soup is just what you need. Below are 3 recipes for soups that can be made in your food processor or blender. If you ha … Tags: Percolators – Some Of The Basic Problems With Percolator Cofee By: Helen Walters | Mar 20th 2006 – The word "percolator" has .e to mean that special coffee pot that used to sit on Grandma’s stove and bubble away like mad all morning long. Typically they consist of a heat proof pot that holds the water, a long tube (like a straw) that holds a filter basket at the top. This filter is normally made of metal and holds the … Tags: French Press Coffee – Style And Flavor For Your Coffee By: Lynne Birch | Mar 17th 2006 – The French press style of coffee making produces very rich, aromatic and tasty coffee. It uses very coarsely ground coffee that basically steeps in the brewing water for several minutes allowing all the flavours to fully extract from the coffee grinds. Because of the filtering system there is always some sediment which some … Tags: Kitchen Appliance Reviews And Information By: Lynne Birch | Mar 17th 2006 – Kitchen appliances are a central part of most kitchens. They make life so much more simple in the kitchen. Not only are they safer, they speed up meal preparation time. Because they are so useful, there are dozens of small kitchen appliance makers giving you hundreds of appliance choices to make. You can spend hours and day … Tags: Brewing A Perfect Cup Of Coffee By: Lynne Birch | Feb 10th 2006 – Brewing a great cup of coffee depends on a number of things such as the quality of the coffee bean, the quality of the water being used, the type of brewing being done, and the grind of the coffee. Now quality of bean and water is something you can easily take care. Just use good quality beans and pure water. However the re … Tags: Breadmaker Recipes By: Lynne Birch | Feb 6th 2006 – When bread makers first came out years back people felt that all you could use them for was plain white bread. Well that is not even close to being true any more. There are now dozens of fantastic recipes available for all kinds of bread. What you will find is that the ingredients you use in a bread machine will be a little … Tags: 相关的主题文章: