Luoyang guy molested male neighbors not detained knifed cell electric vehicle (video) vidown

Luoyang guy molested male neighbor not detained the eleven district electric knife holiday, someone to play the field, some people at home Hi, people visit relatives and friends…… A man is in custody after a holiday…… The evening of October 4th, the city police station received a public warning, a drunken man to cut a few electric cars. After police alarm, immediately rushed to the incident area. After understanding: a more than and 20 year old man drunk molested men in the neighborhood, after being reprimanded, he knifed the electric car…… According to police, drunk man surnamed Han, Igawa Hito, in the incident area rental. The police found Mr. Han’s specific address after repeatedly knocked on the door, open the door to his friend. However, the police learned that the reason of Han violence, simply dumbfounding…… Originally, Mr. Han drunk downstairs, met a male neighbor home, Han suddenly reached for the neighbor’s body, let go in after being reprimanded. Subsequently, Mr. Han home to take the knife, to cut off the downstairs neighbor, because did not find a person, so to the downstairs buses launched fire…… Currently, Han was detained according to law. Related video: drunken husband pillow wife arm overnight wife need amputation相关的主题文章: