Lu Yi read the second grade daughter Belle height soared Shanghai International School polartec

Lu Yi read the second grade daughter Belle height soared Shanghai international school where Dad 4 was exposed before being recorded, star baby go to school class. Recently, because Daddy where the 2 star dad LaBelle was drying out a photo, tall Belle and mother snuggle together, very funny and lovely. Lu Yi could not help but laugh at my home in the past and this life so good"! But small is the greatest feeling, Belle, how do you grow so fast! We can see the belle uniforms sitting at the table serious homework Belle Belle and grow beautiful mother hit the face last year, a group of photos, see after the shooting, covered his face with his hands, but also with an eye lens peep show. Netizens have commented: "good lovely Belle, Belle told Study hard, every day", "why do you bother to do homework, pupils" Bei "don’t disturb her. She wanted to quietly", "Mei Da" etc…. It seems Belle’s attention is not lost to the "younger generation". Father Lu Yi in micro-blog drying out the homework from Belle Belle and wear school uniforms we can learn from Song Qingling, Belle Rose to the kindergarten primary school department. The primary school curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization PYP primary school project based on the "synchronization into coaching, got high quality education resources, set up basic science, explore practical expertise and interest in three courses; foreign teachers selection with international teacher qualification for International Department with class and teaching, all kinds of interesting features and Chinese, coach from the domestic super, senior teachers." But many people don’t know what PYP is. Sina education Xiaobian for you to look at science, PYP is the IB course of primary school curriculum, it is after Belle toward overseas development.               father Lu Yi micro-blog in drying out the homework as such from the belle Belle Rose from kindergarten to primary school in the international department inside the school there are many, dad what kind of Wang Shi Ling, Sen dish are the helicopter. From these parents choose international schools, education of their children are also very much. It’s like the Song Qingling school, the school teaching area, living area and sports area with the perfect combination, and built a multifunctional gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, electronic reading room, science laboratory, radio and television studio system of digital campus and comfortable student apartments. The primary school tuition is about 110 thousand -12 million a year. Now her daughter Belle has been on the school, the younger daughter also threatens to start reading, daddy Lu Yi estimates more power to work. Father Lu Yi and daughter Belle school for half a month, primary school life also have to adapt to. Sina education small hope that parents at work also can spend with their children, the parents accompany happy is every child want. Children’s education can not be separated from their parents’ school, and the real purpose of learning is to. I hope these two generations of stars grow up happily, study hard and live up to their parents’ hardship. This article for Sina Education International School column original article, Philippines相关的主题文章: