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Computers-and-Technology has become more active in data mining the information collected. "LinkedIn Hackday (part of our "inDay" program) is one day set aside each month where employees step away from their every day job functions to give back to the community, create new rapid prototypes, solve business problems, express ideas and be creative while learning and "bending" new technologies. Hackday isn’t just limited to technically minded people or engineers. In fact, all employees have the opportunity to join a team and collaborate on amazing new ideas." (source .blog.linkedin..). Businessowners – just imagine the instant referral when you sit down with a prospect and spill a name of someone they know. Now your business has moved from unknown to liked just by "networking". This is how small businesses use the marketing power of "word of mouth". Linkedin maintains engagement on three levels: 1. Resume 2. Groups 3. Advertise Here are 3 tools to enhance your linkedin.. network. 1. Novice users can utilize linkedin.. to build an online resume. Linkedin.. has created an application called Resume Builder that launched in December 2010 to easily format your linkedin profile into a resume. The key features: A. Pre-built templates: resume styles for all occasions, including business, classic, modern, law, and more. B. Drag and drop: choose which sections are visible in your resume and put them in any order you want. C. Privacy options: control who can see your resume. D. Share options: share a link to your resume with others via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. E. Export: convert the resume to PDF format for emailing or printing. Visualize Your Network More advanced users understand the power of groups. Groups are powerful distribution tools for sharing information. One of the most .mon needs of information are job openings. Job seekers, here is a helpful hint. 70% of all jobs are located through referral networks. Linkedin groups are the new golf clubs. In January 2011, Linkedin launched InMaps. "InMaps is an interactive visual representation of your professional universe that answers all of the above questions. It’s a great way to understand the relationships between you and your entire set of LinkedIn connections. With it you can better leverage your professional network to help pass along job opportunities, seek professional advice, gather insights, and more". The map aligned very well with my membership groups and my network is very much cross-pollented. Meaning my connections are connected to other people in my network. (The Kevin Bacon game). There are plenty of referrals by knowing who knows who! Expert users use the power of Re.mendations to advertise. Have you seen the tag line "The greatest .pliment I can receive is a referral from you"? Linkedin.. has made it easier to get referrals right on your website. Your business must have a .pany page (which requires a professional e-mail address attached to your domain name) and a product or service on the .pany page. Some .panies have three products. For example, they may have 3 products such as: 1) Marketing Consulting Services 2) Social Media Expertise and 3) Speaking Engagements. The .pany then gets .pany ID (found in the URL for the .pany profile page). For each service there is an ID number given also (found in the url from the services tab on the .pany profile). Now the .pany can embed a javascript into the products and services page on their website allowing visitors to re.mend their .pany or view their re.mendations! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: