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Lin Dan: in the end what ghost derailed – Sohu "this is the Seventy-eighth night of the leg with your brother, hug sleep" morning just wake up, see the micro-blog WeChat everywhere exploded, the original army derailed and added a new member: Lin Dan. I see someone sent a laugh watercress broadcast: the derailment team has a drug team to refuel oh. It is roughly such famous paparazzi, sent a team of micro-blog, Lin Dan and his wife Xie Xingfang in pregnancy derailed, day late night hotel hand legs young model, staged passion drama, the whole picture is full of moist breath hormones. A moving picture you feel: in the afternoon, Lin Dan also responded as follows: of course, I like Chinese people eat melon immediately and eat a stimulant, immediately began a new round of onlookers and Crusade, some of whom are all playful. One of the more interesting is: Lin Dan said: she is my good friend, we just open a room in the hotel in order to better carry out purely academic exchanges…… It’s such a simple thing, how you guys are so dirty. (removal of part of the text) also said that with Chen not just like face. ( collateral damage ) I see the dynamic map and video, the two protagonists being photographed in Guangdong everywhere, and Lin Dan looked at the young model hug, pinched butt, if not outside marriage derailed, this plot should be the capital of the estimated dog abuse plot. But now it’s a capital, because Xie Xingfang just gave birth to a son for Lin Dan. Look back in time, Lin Dan was shot derailed time at Xie Xingfang during September, but was broke after birth, Xie Xingfang is not yet out of the month, she saw the news today, I do not know what he felt. All the people in an online Crusade: in the wife during pregnancy derailed life must be black! Whether you are the outstanding performance of the star, or for athletes, to do such a thing is unforgivable evil, also deserve forgiveness. To tell the truth, I always have a kind of attitude to marriage, everyone is good, not because of some things decorum, heart is more traditional, do not feel in outside the Yang, what good talk. But! Is! But it derailed no talk, not to mention his wife was pregnant during the derailment, the men did not dare to assert that the slag to utterly devoid of conscience, is pretty close. So, today’s time was leaked, evaluation of all surprisingly consistent: there may be a cause of derailment, but Lin Dan derailment cannot bear because his wife was pregnant. A pregnant woman is a very hard thing, the extent to which a man can not imagine, but as a husband to take care of everything, but at this time in brothels, I agree with everyone’s attitude, life black. But for a long time, derailed this thing, in the end what is the ghost? I have seen the Spring Festival evening show of a Guo Da, Cai Ming, said: I do not know you guys, you do not know, I do not know, I do not know? In my heart, the red flag does not fall相关的主题文章: