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Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan resigned on suspicion of huge economic problems of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu article / Yang Shufang November 4th evening, Baidu is a burst of important events, former Baidu vice president to resign, is suspected of huge economic problems. We have validated the reliability of the information from multiple cross channels. Baidu out of the internal e-mail said, Li Mingyuan is being reported as a major problem in Baidu, the acquisition of the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic ties, and in cooperation with a game partner responsible for huge economic ties. Onlookers secretly speculated that the acquisition of the message is likely to be the case of Baidu’s acquisition of 91, the case of up to $1 billion 900 million in the acquisition of the amount of the industry is quite sensational. Li Mingyuan’s class, caused by the shock and reaction is very strong. As the youngest vice president of Baidu, Li Mingyuan has always been known as prince. (Li Mingyuan) from 2004 as an intern to join Baidu, a meteoric rise, has been responsible for the construction of Baidu Post Bar, know, Wikipedia and other community product system, and the less successful Baidu electricity supplier to try. After a short period of time to leave Baidu, and soon return smoothly. In the eyes of many people, Li Mingyuan is extremely successful people after 80. However, there are sources said that this year, Li Mingyuan’s actual authority in the internal continue to cut, it seems to have appeared.相关的主题文章: