Lexus LC 500 exclusive body kit to the car explosion – Sohu (video) 9c8814

Lexus LC 500 exclusive body kit to the explosion – Sohu auto Motortrend U.S. media reported on November 1st, unveiled at the SEMA show on the Lexus LC 500 Coupe models before the first custom. Conventional version of the model will be launched in the spring of next year, while the modified car body kit, high-performance suspension and brake device is expected to be listed. LC 500 modified car with bright yellow coating, the show is very eye-catching. Judging from the car’s head, may be mistaken for RC F production car, but to see the A column and other parts of the car immediately exposed the identity. The Gordon Ting of Beyond Marketing modified Lexus with aerodynamic body, suspension upgrades, carbon fiber racing seats, Evasive Motorsports GT3 racing version of the interior, safety of the cockpit. D SPORT Magazine said the LC 500 from a 5 liter V-8 engine was adjusted to a lift of up to 525 horsepower (about 386 kW) for the. Other highlights include the modification of stunning bright yellow body, a customized version of Lexus LC equipment, and fenders, side skirts, rear diffuser, and yellow tail. The vehicle is equipped with 22 inch wheels, P Zero Nero (the content of Pirelli tire reproduced from the network)相关的主题文章: