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Lenovo released the new flagship   Moto  Z series; definition of modular mobile phone   – people.com.cn communication channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn September 7 Xinhua (Zhang Ge) yesterday, Lenovo released two Moto Z series of new products – Moto Z and Moto Z Play, Moto Z series will define the modular mobile phone brings. Unlimited expansion may create new hardware platform, ecological, Moto Z Moto Z Play price of 3999 yuan, the price of 3299 yuan. Moto Z processor Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB large memory, 2K can achieve 105%NTSC color gamut coverage resolution Super screen equipped with AMOLED, are able to see the strong sunlight. Moto Z also has 0.09 seconds to unlock speed, not only supports the screen and the touch screen to unlock the fingerprint fingerprint, also supports black fingerprint payment. Moto Z thickness of 5.2 mm, using intelligent closed loop tuning antenna, intelligent mobile phone users to hold the detection mode, according to the different position to optimize the antenna signal; and in terms of the call, inheritance Moto series of unique NICAM function call, the machine is equipped with 4 Mic noise reduction technology, intelligent recognition of 20000 kinds of noise, make the call more clearly. Moto Z uses 641Wh L high density safe fast charging core, with 3.3 mm ultra-thin design, is a low impedance safety core. With the rapid turbine quick charge function, charging 15 minutes to 6 hours, at the same time with Power Guard dual energy engine, let mobile phone use time increased by 35%. The release of Moto series of products is also a long life in the Moto Z Play location, in the 6.9 mm thin metal body, Moto Z Play can provide 36 hours long battery life time, with the rapid turbine quick charge function, charging 15 minutes to 7 hours of use. Moto Z play using 5.5 inches FHD AMOLED screen, also has a fingerprint with the speed of 0.09 seconds to unlock and focus on the laser, the design of the dual Super card supports the top double SIM card with the bottom of the largest 2TB MicroSD card. Related reading:   (commissioning editor: Zhang Ge, Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: